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WQX bottom suction submersible sewage pump

Although sewage pumps usually have large flow rate and low head, but there are still situation where people need a sewage pump of small flow and high head. Therefore, APK Pump designed WQX series bottom suction submersible pump. This series is to deliver sewage and sludge in that situation. This series of electric submersible sewage pump takes in sewage water from bottom and discharges it from top. With this special design, it not only delivers sewage water with high head, but also drains all the water on the working surface completely.

bottom suction submersible pump
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WQX bottom suction submersible pump prevents leakage

WQX has some common features with QJ deep well submersible water pump. For example, WQX also has monoblock structure, with impellers and motor sharing one same shaft. Therefore, it doesn’t need any coupling device. This not only makes it convenient to install the pump, but also makes it easy to disassemble it. Next, leakage is a common problem to most pumps, so we add high quality mechanical between pump motor and pump impeller to prevent leakage. This seal will prevent cooling oil inside the motor from running out, as well as prevent water outside from entering the motor. With the help of mechanical seal, the bottom suction submersible pump could run for a longer time. What’s more, the seal also help to make the pump run with efficiency.

bottom suction submersible pump
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WQX bottom suction submersible pump cost

WQX has high performance cost ratio. The price of submersible pump is closely related to its service life. Therefore, provided with a certain price, the longer the service life of an electric submersible pump is, the higher performance cost ratio is. As one of the oldest electric submersible pump manufacturers in the central of China, APK Pump has its own way to improve the service life of its submersible pumps.

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Motor is an important part for an electric bottom suction submersible pump, because it is the source of energy for the pump. The service life of the whole pump largely depends on the service life of motor, so WQX series bottom suction submersible pump uses three-phase asynchronous motor. The winding of the motor is made of waterproof polyethylene electromagnetic wire with nylon sheath. Besides, Our workers will use either NO.10 machine oil or NO.25 transformer oil as cooling oil in motor cavity and seal cavity, because this kind of oil has good insulation performance. All these help to improve the service life of the motor to the best.

bottom suction submersible pump
WQX bottom suction submersible pump, top outlet, bottom inlet

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Working conditions of WQX bottom suction submersible pump for sewage water

We have used centrifugal or spiral flow impellers to make bottom suction submersible pump with small flow quantity. You can use this kind of submersible pump to transfer common sewage water that meet the following conditions. By the way, when the submersible pump has worked for some time, we advice you to replace the cooling oil inside motor. We kindly remind you not to add too much oil in the motor, but just enough to submerge the upper bearing.

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WQX bottom suction submersible sewage pump

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1. The sewage water should not contain too much solid objects, the volume ratio of which shall be less than 2%.
2. Don’t use the pump to deliver very dense waste water, because the upper limit of water density for this pump is 1.2×103kg/m³.
3. WQX is not corrosion-resistant, so don’t use it to deliver waste water containing too much alkali or acid. Make sure the PH valve is between 4 and 12.
4. The waterproof wire in the motor of WQX is not heat-resistant, so don’t use this pump to transfer water too hot. The upper limit of water temp is 122℉ (50℃). But if you need to deliver water over that temperature, we suggest QJR hot water submersible pump for you. This series could stand as high as 100℃/212℉.

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Multistage bottom suction submersible pump in our showroom

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Parameters and model meaning of WQX bottom suction submersible pump

The model meaning of WQX series is same as that of WQA submersible sewer pumps. The unique feature of WQX bottom suction submersible pump is non-clog design and high head. Since WQX need to transfer waste sewage water, we have given much consideration to the problem of clogging when we design it. We deliberately enlarged the flow channel so that larger obstacles could pass through. As we said at the beginning, the feature of this series is small flow and high head. WQX sewage drainage pump stands straightly upright, so we can add more impellers to increase its head to meed the need of clients. Sewage pumps for sale on markets usually have low head, but the head of our WQX multistage bottom suction submersible sewage pump can be as high as 393.7 feet (120m).

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Bottom suction submersible pumps in storage house

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ModelFlow (m³/h)Head (m)Power (kw)Rotation speed (r/min)

WQX series bottom suction submersible pump is specially designed in blue, the color of sea, because this color symbolizes the spirit of APK Pump, purity, dedication and concentration. However, we also produce submersible sewage pump with low head and large flow rate. If you need that, please click WQX D sewage drainage pump. Finally, welcome to contact us for submersible sewage pump price and other information. Our sales engineer will be glad to help.

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