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WQK submersible sewage cutter pump

The unique feature of WQK submersible sewage cutter pump is its cutting or chopping function. It can cut solid stuff in sump water like a shredder. A solid object in wastewater can be pumped out as long as its diameter is not larger than half the diameter of the sewage cutter pump’s outlet. After being cut up, the solid objects in effluent water can pass through the flow channels and pipe line fluently. That is what a submersible well pump for clean water cannot do.

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Top and bottom of sewage chopper pumps

WQK specifications:

Min flow: 2200 gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 110,000 gph (500 m³/h)
Min head: 49 ft (15 m)
Max head: 1328 ft (405 m)
Min size: 1.26″ (32 mm)
Max size: 8″ (203 mm)
Min power: 1 hp (0.75 kw)
Max power: 402 hp (300 kw)
Min temperature: 5℉ (-15℃)
Max temperature: 104℉(40℃)

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WQK submersible sewage cutter pump structure

The structure of WQK sewage cutter pump is similar as that of WQA submersible sewer pumps. WQK is also submerged totally under water during operation. You can install it in the same way as WQA. The difference is its alloy blade impeller. The impeller is half open and has one channel. When the impeller rotates at high speed, it can cut the sundries and send them out. The blades can cut many kinds of solid garbage in industrial or domestic waste water, such as ropes, used gloves, trousers, sanitary towel, plastic bags, package bags, smack boxes, baby diapers, toilet papers, grass, leaves, twigs, aquatic plants.

submersible sewage cutter pump
WQK sewage cutter pump

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The pump lid has a groove on it. The gap between pump lid and impeller can be adjusted. If the impeller is worn out after long time of operation, the hydraulic performance of the sewage cutter pumps will be negatively influenced. In this case, you can increase the head or lift of the pump by adjusting this gap.

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end suction submersible sewage cutter pump

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WQK is a single stage oil-filled submersible pump, with oil cooling submersive motor. It can work at any point within its head range. For sewage cutter pumps with rated motor power lower than 5hp or 4kw, we have installed a thermal protection device to protect the motor. The thermal protection device will cut off power supply in case of default phase, overload and over temperature. For sewage cutter pumps with motor power larger than 5hp or 4kw, we can install thermal protection device at the request of clients.

submersible sewage cutter pump price
WQK submersible sewage cutter pump with elbow

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Working Conditions of WQK submersible sewage cutter pump

Except for working conditions same as that of WQB, WQK also has the following special requirements:
1. The highest density of the medium that WQK delivers shall be less than 1.3×103 kg/m³.
2. WQK is suitable for three phase AC 380V, 50Hz only, with voltage error 10%.
3. You should not place the pump deeper than 5 meters under water.
4. In this series, the models whose motor power is 7.4 hp (5.5 KW) or above shall be equipped with a device to protect the motor in the course of starting up.

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Sewage cutter pumps without elbow

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Model meaning and specifications of WQK submersible sewage cutter pump

The model meanings of WQK are similar to those of WQA. The additional letter K stands for cutting. These sewage chopper pumps have a wide range of head and flow rate. This series of sewage shredder pump is developed to meet the need of various clients. They come in many models, with different parameters. The table above shows some models and parameters of our WQK series submersible sewage cutter pump.

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WQK sewage shredder pump for sale

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