cast iron submersible sewer pump

WQA submersible sewer pumps

WQA submersible sewer pumps are the first and the basic series of our WQ series submersible sewage pumps. WQA series is designed for residential sewer pump station, public sewer pump systems and basement. This series are oil-filled submersible pumps. The minimum power of this series is 1HP or 0.75KW. The maximum power of this series is 10HP or 7.5KW. This is a Chinese style sewer pump, different from European or American sewer pumps.

cast iron submersible sewer pump
WQA submersible sewer pump for sale

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Structure features of WQA series submersible sewer pumps

1. Overall structure

This submersible sewer pump takes waste water in from bottom, ejects it out from one side. From bottom to top, WQA sewer water pump primarily consists of water inlet, a closed blade impeller, a water outlet, a motor and its mechanical seal.

2. Mechanical seal

The mechanical seal of this sewer lift pump is made of hard anti-corrosive tungsten carbide, a kind of hard alloy. The static ring of the mechanical seal is made of O shaped oil-resistant rubber. We have used double ends mechanical seal with oil-resistant O shaped rubber rings to prolong the service life of motor. Our submersible sewer pump can run 8000 hours nonstop.

submersible sewer lift pump for sale
Top and water outlet of sewer lift pump

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3. Water sensor

To prevent water from entering the oil chamber of the sanitary sewer pump, we have installed a water sensor there. If water enters the oil chamber, the sensor will feel it and send out an alarm. Similarly, we also added a thermal sensor in the stator of the motor. If temperature of the motor surpasses a certain limit, the thermal sensor will send out an alarm to protect the motor.

4.Float switch

One of the similar points between our submersible sewer pump and our western counterparts is float switch. Our float switch works in a similar way. It helps to start or stop the sewer pumps commercial according to the change of sewer water level in the pit or tank. With float switch, this submersible sewer pump can detect sewer level automatically, which helps to save human labor cost.

sewer lift station pumps for sale
Yellow sewer pumps for sewer lift stations

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WQA submersible sewer pumps are easy to install

This sewer tank pump is easy to install. You can submerge it in a sewer tank and connect either a hard pipe or a soft pipe to its outlet. If you use a hard pipe and the hard pipe is strong enough, made of 45# steel for example, it can serve as a supporter for the sew pump. In this case, this submersible sewer pump can stay away from the bottom of the sewer tank.

But if the hard pipe is not strong enough to hold the sewer pump or if you are using a soft pipe, then the sew pump has to be fixed on the bottom of the sewer pit through foundation bolts. As these sewer pumps are submersible, you can just put it into the sewer tank in a pump sewer system, and don’t need to build any pump house for them, which would save a lot of sewer pump cost for you.

submersible sewer pumps for sale
submersible sewer pumps in storage

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Besides, this sewer pump can also be installed in a dry way and work above water. But in this case, we have to add an extra cooling device to the submersible motor for you. But the easiest way is automatic auto-coupling installation. This way saves a lot of labor and brings great convenience for sewer pump replacement; sewer pump repair and sewer lift pump maintenance. We would like to provide an auto-coupling device at the request of our clients.

sewer pump cost
WQA submersible sewer pump cost

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Applications of WQA submersible sewer pumps

Most pumps of WQ series are sewer lift station pumps. They are also for basement in high level buildings. They can discharge heavily polluted and slightly corrosive waste water in factories, municipal sewage treatment plants, drainage stations, firefighting systems, water plants, hospitals, hotels, engineering projects and construction sites, mines, methane tank in rural areas.
The sewer water temperature shall be less than 60℃, density less then 1200 kg/m³, PH value 5-9. And of course, sewer pumps can also be applied to clean water. But clean water pumps, such as QJ submersible well pumps, can never be used for waster sewer water.

domestic sewer pumps for sale
WQA domestic sewer pumps in storage

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Model meaning and specifications of WQA submersible sewer pumps

Let us take 80WQ40-15-4 for instance. We use hyphens to separate the letters and figures. The letter A refers to the basic type of sewage pumps. It is omitted in most cases. The beginning number 80 shows that the diameter of the outlet flange is 80 mm. W stands for Wu Shui, which means sewage or waste water in Chinese. Whenever you see W in our models, you will know this model is for sewage and effluent water. And Q means the same as that in QJ, that is, Qian Shui or Submersible.

It shows that the motor of this pump is submersible, which is different from dry motor that cannot be immersed in water. The figure after WQ means the flow rate of this model is 40 cubic meters per hour or 40 tons per hour. The next digit 15 means the head of this model is 15 m and the final digit 4 means the motor power of this pump is 15 kw.

ModelFlow (m³/h)Head (m)Power (kw)Rotation speed (r/min)

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A sewer pump of WQA series can work at any point within its head range. Whatever the head it, its motor will keep running at 2900 rpm with no overload. For more information about submersible sewer pumps from APK Pump, please leave a message below. You message will arrive at our sales engineer in form of email. And we will response in time.

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