submersible sewage pumps for sale

WQ series non-clogging submersible sewage pumps

WQ series submersible sewage pumps are designed to deliver sewage water, waste water, effluent and septic water. They can be used to pump domestic wastewater in sewage lifting stations, in the basement of residential or office buildings, etc. This series contains different types, including stainless steel sewage pump, cast iron sewage pump, single stage submersible sewage pump and multistage submersible sewage pump.

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Submersible sewage pumps supplied by APK Pump

Sewage pumps are used to transfer effluent or waste water in different situation. We divide our sewage pumps into stainless steel sewage pump and cast iron sewage pump by material. Our submersible sewage cutter pump can help to cut long fibers, cloth straps, leaves in the water to prevent clogging and winding. Our sewage stirring pump can stir up the sediments in septic tank or sewage tank, so that all the sewage tank in the can be drained completely. Except for the main parts, APK Pump also provides accessories, such as check valve, power cable, elbows, under the request of our clients.

submersible sewage pumps for sale
Submersible sewage pumps in our show room

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Submersible sewage pumps research and development by APK Pump

As a submersible pump manufacturer, APK Pump not only produce submersible well pumps for clean water, but also submersible sewage pumps for wastewater. We have a professional research and development team composed of a group of fluid dynamics engineers from our 800 employees. Our R&D team introduced internationally advanced technology from our cooperative partners abroad, and combined it with traditional Chinese submersible pump manufacturing techniques to make WQ series non-clog, high efficiency, and energy-saving and environmental-friendly sewage submersible pumps.

sewage submersible pumps manufacturer
WQB, WQX D and WQS sewage submersible pumps in our factory

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Our research and design of sewage submersible pump is kindly supported by official leaders. For example, officials from Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Agricultural department all support us. Renowned submersible pump specialists in China have provided valuable advices to us. After trial and error, our researchers finally succeeded. Each performance index of our submersible pump sewage, such as flow, head, motor speed, efficiency, all meet up with HCRJ 033-1998 Chinese National Standards for submersible sewage pumps.

submersible sewage pump price
Best price submersible sewage pump

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Various newly developed submersible sewage pumps of APK Pump

After two years of design and continuous improvement, in the year of 2010, we launched seven new series of cast iron sewage pumps. They are WQA series submersible sewer pump, WQB series non-clog submersible sewage pump, WQS series sewage effluent pump, WQD series stainless steel sewage pump, WQK E series submersible sewage cutter pump, WQJY F series sewage stirring pump, WQG series high head sewage pump and WQX bottom suction submersible pump. The letter W here stands for Wushui, which means sewage water in Chinese. The letter Q here is same as that in QJ series deep well submersible water pump. It stands for Qianshui, meaning submersible in Chinese.

submersible sewage pump suppliers
Various WQ submersible sewage pumps

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We produce all the seven of them on the basis of one same advanced hydraulic mode. Each of them has its unique features to fit the applications of clients from different regions and lines of industry. By improving efficiency, the new industrial sewage pumps are more energy-saving than common ones on markets. With the new models, you can save an extra 5% of electricity power. They soon become hot sell products in our local markets. We hope to bring them to users worldwide and let them benefit every client who needs them.

sewage submersible pump wholesale
WQB black sewage submersible pumps packed in storage

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In the seven models mentioned above, WQS sewage effluent pump and WQX bottom suction submersible pump are multistage submersible sewage pumps. They can be customized for applications where high lift or high head is needed. Except these two models, all the rest are single stage pumps. In addition, recently we have put forward a new WQR series. WQR hot water submersible sewage pump can transfer hot water up to 100℃ or 212℉.

submersible sewage pump manufacturers
Submersible sewage pump storage

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Submersible sewage pump manufacturers and price

Raw material is one of the key influential elements for submersible sewage pump price. Other conditions being equal, a stainless steel submersible sewer pump generally costs more than a cast iron sewage pump. That’s because stainless steel, 304# or 316# for example, resists corrosion better than cast iron. If the PH value of effluent water is beyond the range of 4-10, you may need a totally stainless steel sewer pump like WQD. If the PH value of sewage water is between 4 and 10, a cast iron sewage pump may be more economic. The shafts of all the cast iron sewage submersible pumps manufactured by our factory are made of pure 45# steel. Their flow passing parts are also stainless steel. They cost less than stainless steel ones, and would well meet the need of applications in sewage water with PH value 4-10.

submersible sewage pump for sale
WQ submersible sewage pump in storage room

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APK Pump is striving to stand out from submersible sewage pump suppliers by offering more competitive sewage submersible pump price and higher quality. If you have interest in our products, please leave a message below or send us an email. We would response quickly. Besides, we also welcome you to call us or follow us on Facebook @apkpump.

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