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About APK Submersible Pumps

APK, A Pump that Keeps water moving, is the brand name of Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. APK Submersible pumps is short as APK Pump. We are a large scale submersible pump manufacturer officially registered on Apr 25, 1996. Our factory is in Henan Province, China. During the past 20 years of development, the submersible pumps we supply have become increasingly popular in domestic markets in China. With the growing of our import and export business, they are welcomed by more and more clients from overseas. APK Pump is becoming a new rising star among submersible pump manufacturers in the world.

submersible pumps manufacturer
APK submersible pumps factory

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Our advantages in submersible pump manufacturing

1. Well-developed raw materials purchasing channels

Before the reform and opening up policy took effect in China, most manufacturers in China were state-owned. But after that, a lot of state-owned factories are transformed into privately owned factories so as to increase efficiency and adapt to the new economic system. We experienced that too. APK Pump is one of the largest submersible pump suppliers in the central of China. After the transformation, we better adapts to new economy system as a private enterprise. We have built a highly efficient and steady purchasing channel. Th e raw materials we use in making our pump submersible, such as iron and steel, are purchased through a stable and well-developed supply chain. This helps to bring down submersible cost from the root.

submersible pumps manufacturer
Submersible pumps parts and accessories in our factory

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2. Modernized automatic submersible motor production line

Our factory covers an area of over 300 hectares, with more than 400 employees in total. We have a complete submersible pumps production line, including lost-foam casting workshop, foundry casting workshop, stamping workshop, metal processing workshop, mold workshop and assembly workshop. During over two decades of development, we have made great progress in many production processes. Our yearly output of pump submersible has reached 100,000 units.

submersible pumps manufacturer
Automatic motor wire installation line in our factory

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3. High efficiency spray-painting line

We are not only a main submersible water pump manufacturer in our Province, but also a well-known manufacturer in domestic markets in China. Before, our workers paint the pumps one by one by hand. But now, we have introduced an automatic painting line so that we can paint a batch of submersible pumps at one time. Before, like many small factories, our workers install the wires in pump motors one by one by hand. But now, this step of process has been improved into an automatic wire installation line. That greatly saves time and labor cost.

submersible pumps manufacturers
Automatic painting line for submersible pumps

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4. Advanced stamping machine

Before, we make silicon steel sheets of pump motor by a number of small machines. But now they have been replaced by a huge stamping machine, which largely improves efficiency. When you visit our factory, you will hear the encouraging sound of that machine working. We have also introduced the most advanced lost-foam casting technology and digital control engraving and milling machine. Few factories use lost-foam casting in our industry in China and we are one of the them. This way of casting is easier than others.

manufacturer of submersible pumps
The huge stamping machine in our factory

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Besides, we have a National Standard Test Center. Before delivery, we will test every single electric submersible pumps to make sure every one is qualified. We make up our mind to become the best submersible pump company that combines manufacturing and marketing together.

Human resources advantages

Submersible pump is a labor intensive industry in our country. Therefore, with advantage in labor cost, Chinese manufacturers are able to offer submersible pumps of the same quality at more competitive price. As an independent legal person, except for the production of submersible water pumps, APK Pump also takes all of its social responsibility. The manufacturing process of our submersible well pumps, submersible sewage pumps, YQS motors and relevant accessories all conform to Environmental Management System GB/T 24001-2004 / ISO 14001:2004 standards. We always try to make sure our submersible pump manufacturing process generate as little noise and pollution to the air and water around as possible.

submersible pumps manufacturer
Having a meeting with leaders from commercial bureau

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Transportation advantages bring down the price of submersible pump

APK Pump is one of the oldest state-owned submersible pump manufacturers established in last century in Xingyang City, Henan Province. Our registered capital is 125 million CNY. Xingyang is close to Zhengzhou, which is the capital city of Henan Province, located in the central of China. It’s nickname is a city of railways. Lianyungang-Lanzhou Railway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway intersected in this city in last century. Zhengzhou has been taken as the railway transport hub in China since then.

Submersible pumps delivery
Submersible pumps ready for shipping

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When the Zhengzhou-Europe International Block train started running on July 18, 2013, it ushered in the new age of Silk Road between China and Europe. This makes it easier to deliver goods. We used to export 100 units of 175 QJ 10-40/3 submersible deep well pumps and 50 units of 175 QJ 10-54/4 submersible deep well pumps to clients in Russia and Kazakhstan by this train. It helped to save both time and transport cost for us and for our clients. Besides, with Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (IATA code CGO) nearby, it is quite convenient for us to declare our electric submersible water pumps at Zhengzhou customs for export. Overseas clients can also come here easily by plane and visit our factory. We receive as many as 5 batches of visitors each month on average.

Honors and certificates APK Pump has received by far

The submersible pumps we produce as well as our management system have won us honors one after another in the past two decades. For example, the asynchronous motor we produce for our submersible pumps conforms to the regulations in CNCA-C 04-01: 2014. It has received CCC compulsory certificate on Mar 16, 2016.

best submersible pump company with BV and ISO certificates
BV and ISO14001 certificates

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The QS electric openwell submersible pumps from 3 kw to 11 kw, the WQ electric submersible sewage water pump from 5.5 KW to 22 kw, as well as QJ series electric submersible well pump we produce have all received Industrial Product Production Certificate on January 31, 2013. Except for that, we also have a lot of other certificates. We believe our honesty and sincerity will bring more honors to us in near future.

Trade fairs APK Pump has attended

Wherever you are, you could expect to see APK Pump, since we have been to many fairs in the world. For example, we have attended the 25th Vietnam International Industrial Fair and the CHINA TRADE FAIR in Kazakhstan in 2016. This year we have attended the 2017 Asia international trade and industry trade fair in Karachi Pakistan as well as the Pumps and Valves Asia 2017 in Thailand, etc. From these trade fairs, we not only made more friends but also found more business partners. Hereafter, we will plan for more trade fairs in Asia and Africa.

Submersible pump company in trade fair
Attending VIIF 2016 Trade Fair in Vietnam

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