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Types and functions of water pumps submersible

As we all know, water is the source of life on earth. It not only helps to sustain the life of human beings, but also plays an important role in industrial and agricultural production. As a manufacture of water pumps submersible, it is our duty to make contribution. Therefore, we make efforts to produce more and better water submersible pumps for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Our submersible water pumps for sale include submersible waste water pump, submersible clean water pump as well as a special seawater submersible pump made of stainless steel.

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The function of our water pumps submersible

With the change of climate and the development of heavy industries, some water resources on earth are polluted, while others are reduced. Water crisis is beginning to hit more and more regions all over the globe. We sincerely hope our water pump submersible to bring precious water to those who are suffering from water shortage and to increase the living standards of people. As a submersible water pump manufacturer, this is not only an inspiring goal for us, but also part of our social responsibility.

Borewell water pumps submersible for sale
Submersible water pumps in our warehouse

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Submersible clean water pumps

Our submersible clean water pump mainly refers to the QJ series and QJD series. QJ series deep well water pumps submersible can work in water lifting station to take water from rivers for agricultural irrigation. For example, if you want to irrigate 13 hectares or 32 acres of wheat land before Winter comes, you need about 10000 m³ or 2199691 gallons water. Let us select model 300QJ500-75-160kw. The flow rate of this model is 500 m³/h. Then theoretically, with this model of deep well water pump, it will take you only 20 hrs to finish irrigating 32 acres of wheat land. For submersible water pump specifications about QJ series, such as working conditions, applications and structure, please visit QJ deep well water submersible pump.

borewell submersible pump water
QS small submersible pump

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QJD series could help to get clean well water for drinking or other domestic use at home. They come in a wide range of diameters. We have 3 inch submersible water pump, 4 inch submersible pump water as well as 6 inch water submersible pump. Their motor power also has a wide range. We have small 5 hp submersible water pump and medium size 60 hp water submersible pump. We also have very large 100 hp submersible pump. For more details about QJD, please click QJD stainless steel submersible well pump.

submersible water pump for sale
borewell submersible water pump

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Submersible waste water pumps

In order to save water, we should not only stop wasting water, but also try to collect waste water for treatment and recycle. Every year we bring forth a large amount of domestic waste water and industrial waste water. Our submersible waste water pump could help to collect and transfer them to water treatment stations, where they will be further processed. Except large quantity submersible pump water for water treatment stations, we also have small waste water submersible pumps for residential use. To know more about our waste water pumps, please click WQ submersible sewage pumps.

waste water pumps submersible
WQ series waste water pumps submersible

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Seawater submersible pumps

Our QJH sea water submersible pump is made of stainless steel. This is an anti-corrosive pump. It can be used to deliver slightly corrosive liquids like seawater and salt water. The price of submersible water pump made of stainless steel is generally higher than those made of cast iron. If you want a cheap submersible water pump, please firstly make an estimation on the PH value, temperature and density of the fluid to be pumped. This will help you to select a suitable model of pump and spend less money. To ensure safety, you must connect the water pumps submersible to the power source required in Instructions. If you want to buy a pump for salty water, please go to QJH sea water submersible pump for more details.

submersible seawater pump for sale
QJH submersible seawater pump

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Water submersible pump price

Price is the top topic for all clients who want to buy submersible water pump online. APK Pump has a number of large automatic production lines in its factory. These automatic lines help to save a lot of labor cost and reduce our submersible water pump cost fundamentally.

borewell submersible water pump manufacturers
Different submersible water pumps

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Some customers who find our submersible water pump price much lower than they expect, they would doubt about product quality. That’s not necessary. We make our submersible pumps with either cast iron or stainless steel. The longest service life of our QJ deep well water submersible pump is 10 years. We have competitive water pump submersible price. That’s because we manage our staff with high efficient, which helps to save cost of human resources. The skills we acquired from decades of experience in producing water submersible pumps also help to bring down the price.

water submersible pump for sale
multistage water submersible pump

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APK Pump is one of the oldest submersible water pump manufacturers in the middle of China. We would offer you the best submersible water pump at the best price. Welcome to contact us for more information about the cost of submersible water pump or how submersible water pump works. We will response quickly.

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