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Three phase submersible borehole pump

The QJ series electric deep well submersible water pump we offer are three phase submersible borehole pump. They can be connected with 380v three-phase power source. Some of them can even be connected with 660v three-phase power source. Our 3 phase submersible pump can deliver clean water from boreholes for either domestic or industrial use. They have high efficiency, long service life and low noise.

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150QJ or 6″ three phase submersible borehole pump

This series of submersible pump 3 phase can fit in boreholes with 6 inch diameter. 150 here means 150 mm, which is close to 6 inches. This series is the smallest among our 3 phase submersible water pumps. They have simple construction, since they insist of only a simple inlet, impellers, motor and discharge bowl, etc. Sometimes we use centrifugal impeller, but other times we use mixed flow impeller, depending on the need of clients. When the 3 phase submersible water pump runs, water will flow in through inlet and pass by the impellers until it moves to the outlet. The discharge bowl of the pump and the guide vane of the impellers will help to send water out of the pump.

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175QJ or 7″ three phase submersible borehole pump

Same as before, 175 here indicates 175 mm, which is 6.89″ to be exact, close to 7″ inch. If your borehole happen to have the same diameter, this series will fit well. Our three phase well pump usually has one shaft only. Both the motor and the impellers are on it, so we don’t need coupling device. But if you need monoblock structure, we could also meet your need. The two different constructions both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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200QJ or 8″ three phase submersible borehole pump

200 mm is 7.87 inch in fact, close to 8 inches. This series of 3 phase bore pump has many models for your selection. Each model has different parameters. For instance, we have model 200QJ15-26/2. The net weight of this model  is 48kg only. It is the lightest of 200 QJ series. Its rated flow is 15t per hour, head 26 m, motor speed 2850 rpm. The efficiency of this model is 62%. To insure high efficiency, all models in 200 QJ series have used YQS 200 motor. The motor power of 200QJ15-26/2 is 2.2 kw or 2.95 hp.

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250QJ or 10″ three phase submersible borehole pump

250 mm is 9.84 inch, close to 10 inch. Models in this series use YQS250 motor, which has higher power than YQS200. These 3 phase motor water pump are made of high quality materials, applicable in deep wells. For example, we have used HT200 grey cast iron to make most of its main parts, including pump base, the part that connects motor and the impellers, the inlet section of the pump body. Its impellers, flow bowl, seal ring, as well as the body of its check valve are all HT200. While some other parts of it are steel, such as its key, its coupling, its taper sleeve and check valve. It taper sleeve is 45# steel and its coupling is 35# steel.

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300QJ (12″) 400QJ (16″) three phase submersible borehole pump

These belong to large three phase submersible pump. They have larger flow rate, higher head and higher power. We purposely designed them for application in construction sites, for drinking water delivery and for irrigation. Its working conditions, main materials and detailed application range are similar as the above series. For more details about that, please visit QJ deep well electric submersible water pumps.

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3 phase borewell submersible pumps price

We would like to offer the most competitive 3 phase submersible pump prices both in domestic and overseas markets. APK Pump has been recognized as one of the ten famous brands in water pump industry in China in June, 2008. We have acquired ISO 9001 quality management certificate in Oct. 2002. What’s more, our company also has the honor to join the mission of drafting domestic water pump standards. So you can trust the quality of our three phase well pump. We not only offer best price, but also best quality. For more information about our 3 phase water pump price, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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