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Types of submersive pump

At times, submersive pump is another way of saying submersible pump. Submersible pumps generally refer to all pumps that are put under the fluid they drive when they run. Our electric submersible water pumps are suitable for a wide range of application. They can work for mine, fountains, farmland irrigation and other lines of industry. Besides, except for common non-aggressive well water or sewage water at room temperature, they can also deliver sea water or hot water, like QJR, WQR, QJH, etc.

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Basic types of submersive pumps from APK Pump

The other ways of saying submersible pumps could include submerged pumps, underwater pumps and subpumps, etc. When submersive pumps work, they turn energy from electric motor or engine into the energy for water to move. We can divide our submersible pumps for sale into different types according to different standards. For example, according to the number of impellers, we can divide them into single stage submersible pump and multistage submersible pump. Single stage pump has one impeller only. Multistage pump has more than one impeller.

submersive pump
axial flow submersive water pump, multistage submersive pump, etc.

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According to the raw material, we can divide our submersible water pumps into cast iron submersible pump and stainless steel submersible pump. We can make cast iron submersible pump from either grey cast iron or ductile cast iron. The raw material for our stainless steel submersible pump can be 304#, 316# or 316l# stainless steel, etc.

Other types of submersive pumps from us

What’s more, according to the nature of water, we can sort them into submersible clean water pump and submersible sewage pump. Our deep well submersible pump can transfer clean water. Our sewage pumps are used for dirty and waste water. According to the diameter of pump outlet, we can further divide our submersible well pumps into 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch submersible pump, etc. We can also divide them on the base of application, water temperature, installation method, cooling method of motor, etc.

submersive pumps
multistage cast iron submersible pumps

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General view of APK submersive pumps for sale

One of the advantages of submersible water pumps is that they demand no suction head. That means, if it is a dry pump that cannot be put under water during operation, it will need suction head. For instance, if the suction head of a dry pump is 10m or 32ft, then the vertical height from water surface to the inlet of the pump shall be less than 32ft. If not, this pump can’t take water in. But in case of submersible water pumps, we can put them under water when they work. We can use them in situations where we need to drain water quickly.

submersive pump
deep well submersive pump for sale, axial flow submersible pump for sale

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Our submersive pump, whether for clean water or sewage water, generally consists of a submersible motor, one or more impellers, pump case, pump shaft, water inlet and water outlet. Some of them have mono block construction, with motor and impellers sharing one same shaft, while others don’t have. We have submersible sewage pumps with motor and impellers installed on two shafts. In this case, we’ll use a coupling to connect the two shafts. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantaged. Our engineers use advanced hydraulic mode when they design submersive water pump. Therefore, our submersive pumps always have high efficiency. Besides, they are also light in weight and have little noise.

borewell submersive pump
Submersive pump factory price

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What affects submersive pumps price?

In import and export business, tariff or customs duty is one of the factors influencing under water pump price. Since the Sino-Korea and Sino-Australia free trade agreement took effect on December 20, 2015, importers in Korea and Australia can enjoy a cut-off on tariff when they import submersible pumps from China. Australia in particular charges zero tariffs on 91.6% of Chinese products, and promises to reduce all tariffs on Chinese products to zero in the coming five years. That greatly benefits those in the two countries who would like to import submersive pump from China.

submersive pump price
Submersive water pumps in factory for sale

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Besides, Chinese government is also actively promoting the establishment of free trade zone with more countries. The present Silk and Road development strategy greatly benefits foreign trade of submersible water pump. If you want to know more about submersive pump, or have interest in submersible pump wholesale business, please feel free to contact us. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world, especially wholesalers.

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