underground well pump for sale

Stainless steel case underground well pump

Underground well pump most frequently refers to vertical multistage stainless steel submersible well pump, which is one of our new product. You can use this pump to transfer underground water from wells. We have 3″, 4″, 5″ as well as 6 inch submersible well pumps. They are light and therefore portable, designed to transfer clean water, causing no pollution to water source.

underground well pump for sale
Stainless steel case underground well pump

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Submersible underground well pump specifications

We designed our stainless steel submersible well pump for underground wells. The diameter of their water outlet can be 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch, fitting wells of different sizes. The flow quantity of these electric deep well pumps range from 1.3 gpm (5 l/min) to 317 gpm (1200 l/min).

underground water pump
Underground water pump for wells

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This series is smaller and lighter than QJ, with compact monoblock structure, convenient for maintenance, transportation, installation and operation. This series of stainless steel submersible well pumps has two types. One type can be connected with 50Hz, 220V or 230V single-phase AC power source, with motor power ranging from 0.37KW to 2.2KW. The other type is connected with 50 Hz, 380V three-phase AC power source, with motor power ranging from 0.55KW to 7.5KW.

submersible underground water pumps
Underground water pumps package

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The water inlet of the submersible well water pump shall be 3.2ft (1m) below dynamic water level of the borewell. But you should not submerge the underground water pump deeper than 229ft (70m) under static water level. As the pump has vertical construction, with impeller above motor, the bottom of the motor shall be at least 1m above the bottom of well.

Submersible underground well pump applications

Underground water is often fresh and soft, but that also depends on different geographical conditions. Underground water is usually cleaner than surface water, since it is easier for people to pollute surface water. A major part of domestic drinking water is from underground water. People drill boreholes to get underground water. Underground well pumps could be too important to be without in this process. Except for transferring underground well water for domestic use for people and livestock in highlands and mountainous areas, they can also be used in water pumping stations to boost pressure. It is more suitable to be used in situations where high head and small flow quantity is needed.

underground well pumps price
Stainless steel case underground well pumps

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Submersible underground well pump price and adaptation

Our electric submersible water pumps for sale are quite adaptable. They can be installed in wells with different casing pipes, whether steel casing pipe, cast iron casing pipe, or no casing pipe at all but only soils and bricks. You can connect them to steel lifting pipe, rubber lifting pipe or plastic lifting pipe, as long as the lifting pipe is strong enough to bear the pressure of water. But the wall of the well shall be straight and smooth and there should not be more than one casing pipe entangled together.
Being light and small, these underground water pumps need less raw materials to make. This helps to bring down production cost and finally bring down the price. That partially explains why they are cheap submersible water pump.

submersible pumps installation site
how to install a submersible pump

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If you want to buy our underground well pumps, please leave a message below and tell us about your applications. Our sales engineer will communicate with you about all necessary details before you place the order. We will produce and design according to the specifications, quantity and quality required by each client. Except for this stainless steel case series, we also have totally stainless steel ones, such as QJH sea water submersible pump and QJD stainless steel submersible well pump. APK Pump will make sure each of our submersible pumps work perfectly for you.

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