Submersible pump set

The three main models of submersible pump set we produce are QJ series borewell submersible water pump for sale, QS series small water-filled openwell submersible pump set for sale and QY oil-filled submersible pump. Besides, we also have QJD stainless steel submersible pump set and QJH submersible pump sets for sea water. Our submersible water pump set includes both the head part and the motor part. They have vertical structure, takes little space and works with high efficiency.

submersible pumps supplier
Submersible pumps supplied by APK Pump

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QJ borewell submersible pump set supplied by APK Pump

We normally use cast iron to make QJ series submersible pump set. It is our main products since we have been producing them for over 20 years. We make every part of this submersible pumpsets, from motor to impellers to the casing. This series of borewell submersible pumps are suitable for deep boreholes. For example, our 300QJ deep well submersible water pump for deep wells has 12″ diameter, large flow quantity and high head. Except for borewell, our submersible well water pump is also suitable for various other situations, such as fountain, mines and water well irrigation in farmlands, etc. So please visit QJ deep well submersible water pump for more specifications. We have developed QJD on the basis of QJ. It is made of stainless steel and has smaller flow rate and motor power than QJ.

submersible pumpsets for sale
Borewell submersible pumpsets

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APK Pump can make underground well pump with any material our customer prefer, such as grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, 304# stainless steel, or 316# stainless steel, etc. Our QJD stainless steel submersible well pump fits into small domestic water tanks. Our QJH sea water submersible pump is also made of stainless steel. It resists corrosion and can be used for either sea water or salt water. Some of our submersible well pumps are oil-filled type, while others are water-filled type. The oil-filled submersible pump cools down its motor through bobbin oil, while the water-filled submersible pump cools its motor via water.

borewell submersible pump set
QJH stainless steel submersible pump set for sea water

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QS Submersible pump set overview

QS series openwell submersible pumps are for shallow open well. These submersible pumpsets also belongs to borewell submersible pump set in the sense of design. Similar with QJ, it is also vertical submersible centrifugal pump, with single stage or multistage closed centrifugal impellers and guide shells. We used to make QS openwell submersible pump set with cast iron, but with the improvement of technology, we have made new QS submersible pumpsets with stainless steel case. This gives it a more pleasant appearance, saves production cost and helps to prevent corrosion. So please click QS openwell submersible pump for more details.

Submersible pump set for sale
Single stage QS small submersible pump set

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QY submersible pumpsets overview

QY electric submersible pump set has monoblock structure, with motor and impellers installed on one same shaft. This is vertical type water filled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor. It is oil filled submersible pump set. Its main material is also grey cast iron. Both QY and QS are smaller ones than QJ. Please click QY oil-filled submersible pump for further details.

submersible pump set
QY borewell submersible pump set

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As a manufacturer of submersible pump set, we especially welcome wholesalers or distributors, since we have advantage in producing submersible pumps in batches. The average cost for a submersible pump set produced in a batch is much lower than the cost for one or two borewell submersible pumpsets produced singly. We usually sell a few hundreds of submersible pumpsets at one time, rather than sell one or two pumps a time.

borewell submersible pumpsets manufacturer
QJ series borewell submersible pumpsets

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If you have interest in submersible pumpsets, welcome to contact us. We have quite a large quantity of submersible pump for sale in our storage house. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed discussions if you want to buy submersible pump. We not only provide the models we have, but also design new models to meet the need of clients.

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