submersible electric water pumps price

Submersible electric water pump

Submersible electric water pump is a useful tool for water transfer, either waste water or clean water. As environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, our country has made efforts to better protect our ambient environment. Therefore, the government has ordered electric submersible water pump factories which don’t fit the ecologist requirements to stop production. This adds to the advantages of APK Pump, a submersible pumps manufacturer who has always laid emphasis on environmental protection.

borewell submersible pumps
Borewell submersible pump manufacturing site in our factory

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Submersible electric water pump for deep well

Our QJ series electric water pump for deep well is made of cast iron. As you know, cast iron is easy to get rusty, which will badly influence the performance of the submersible electric pump. In order to make up for this shortage, we have introduced advanced technology to give antiseptic treatment to the cast iron so that they are durable, don’t rust easily and have long service life. Besides, the impellers of our electric submersible pumps simply shares the same shaft with the pump motor. This make it easy to install or maintain the pump. We use pure copper wire in our submersible motor. The wire of our electric motor water pump is totally submerged in cooling oil.

submersible electric water pump for sale
Packed submersible electric well pump

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Submersible electric water pump for irrigation

Our water pump electric motor comes in many sizes, suitable for a wide range of applications, especially irrigation. We have made many considerate design with our electric water pumps for irrigation. For example, the outlet of our electric irrigation pumps for sale can join with lifting pipes of different diameter via adapter substitute. It has threads to prevent slipping. If you are looking for a pump for applications other than irrigation, please go to the right end of the navigation bar at the top of this page and find the last but two item. There you will see all of our electric submersible water pumps classified by application.

submersible electric water pumps price
submersible electric water pumps storage

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Submersible electric water pump for trash delivery

Except for electric submersible well pumps like QJ series, we also supply electric submersible trash pump. Our submersible trash pumps include WQ series submersible sewage pumps, WQK submersible sewage cutter pump, etc. For more details about trash pumps, such as working conditions, constructions, features, performance and parameters, please visit WQ submersible sewage pumps.

electric submersible trash pump for waste water
cast iron submersible trash pump

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Submersible electric water pump companies

With the increasingly intense competition in the market of electric submersible water pumps, many electric submersible pump companies are leading a hard life. In order to survive, some companies may offer very cheap price at the cost of poor workmanship and poor quality materials. You may find their pumps work well for the time being, but with time going on, the performance of such pumps would decline. However, APK Pump won’t be like that. We would take full responsibility for our submersible electric water pumps. They could run as long as 8000 hours nonstop.

electric submersible water pump manufacturer
Plywood package

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We not only supply high quality submersible electric water pump, but also high quality service. We have over 20 foreign trade specialists who have rich experience in foreign exchange settlement, exporting, customs clearance and shipping, etc. With us, you will find it a piece of cake to import an electric submersible water pump from abroad. With rich experience, our sales team will save you a lot of unnecessary troubles in foreign trade. Welcome to contact us if you have interest.

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