dewatering pumps mining

QJT submersible dewatering pumps mining industry

We have designed QJT dewatering pumps mining specially for water drainage in mining industry. This series of electric submersible dewatering pump has a special cooling sheath, so it can take water in from bottom and send it out from top. QJT mining water pumps can transfer clean water. We also manufacture another series of dewatering submersible pump with similar construction for sewage water. If you want the one for sewage or effluent water, please click WQX D high flow sewage drainage pump.

dewatering pumps mining
submersible dewatering pumps mining industry use

QJT specifications:

Min flow: 2199gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 153978 gph (700 m³/h)
Min head: 49 ft or 15 m;
Max head: 1328 ft (405 m)
Min size: 1.3″ (32 mm)
Max size: 7.9″ (200 mm)
Min temp: 5℉ (-15℃)
Max temp: 104℉ (40℃)
Power source: three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz

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Cooling sheath of QJT dewatering pumps mining

QJT stands upright. Same as WQX series bottom suction submersible pump, our QJT mining dewatering pumps for sale also has a cooling sheath around its submersible motor. But different from WQX, the structure of QJT, from bottom to top, is water inlet, motor, impellers and outlet in order. When this mine dewatering pump is submerged underwater and starts to work, water will come in through inlet at bottom and pass by the motor firstly. In this way, the heat in motor will be taken away by flowing water. This helps to achieve better cooling effect and greatly reduces the risk of motor burning. What’s more, with bottom suction construction, the new QJT submersible pump for mine can take in almost all water on flat ground in mines. At the end of operation, you will find the water level left is less than 0.03 ft or 0.01 m.

Mine dewatering pump manufacturer

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Installation of QJT dewatering pumps mining

QJT series mining water pump has submersible motor. You can immerse it totally under water for a long time. But when used in mines, if there is an extra centrifugal submersible pump that can feed water to QJT, you can also install it above water and use it as the primary pump for water drainage. You can choose a model from this series and use it in emergency for rescue.

dewatering pumps mining
QJT large end suction mine dewatering pump

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If you are worried that if QJT dewatering pumps mining is installed above water, air may enter the water inlet section of the pump. And as a result, when the dewatering submersible pump is started again, the air inside may make it fail to take in water. Then, we suggest you to add a bottom valve in the inlet section. This will be a single way valve. With this valve, water can flow into the inlet section, but cannot flow back and get out of the inlet section. This will keep the inlet section be filled with water, and prevent air from coming in.

dewatering pumps mining
Bottom inlet of QJT mining water pumps

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QJT dewatering pumps mining specifications and model meaning

APK has developed QJT mine dewatering pump on the basis of QJ series submersible well pump. The meaning of letters and figures in models of QJT series is same as that in QJ. But the letter “T” here is short for “Dao Liu Tao”, which indicates cooling sheath in Chinese. It can be installed either vertically, horizontally or obliquely to adapt to different surroundings in coal mines.

ModelMotor power (kw)Motor power (hp)Flow rate (m3/h)Head (m)Size (inch)

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QJT dewatering pumps mining ex-factory test

We have a comprehensive test center which is up to national standard level B in our factory. Some submersible pump manufacturers may carry out only spot check on a batch of submersible pumps they produce before delivery. But we are doing better. We will check every single pump we produce in our test center. Our technician will record the flow rate, head, current and voltage of every pump during the test. If any mine dewatering pump doesn’t perform well in the test, we will remake it until it performs well. To become the best submersible pump company, we must make sure every pump is perfectly qualified before shipping them to our clients.

Submersible dewatering pump
QJT submersible dewatering pump for sale

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QJT submersible dewatering pumps mining package

To protect our dewatering submersible pumps from knock and collision during the process of transportation, we will carefully pack them before delivery. After ex-factory test, we will wrap the QJT submersible dewatering pumps with special green woven bags and fasten it with adhesive tapes. Then, we will pack it with plywood boxes for shipping. Each box usually includes one pumping unit, a power cable of appropriate length, a copy of user manual and a copy of quality certificate. Some boxes may also contain a flange for water outlet and some bolts size 14 mm×60 mm.

best price submersible mine dewatering pump for sale
Submersible water pump plywood package

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APK Pump is a trustworthy submersible pump manufacturer. Except for QJT, we also provide submersible water pumps for various application. For example, we have QSP submersible pump for fountain and submersible irrigation well pump, etc. If you have interest in the cost of submersible pump, or have any question about the QJT dewatering pumps mining, welcome to contact us.

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