Vertical submersible centrifugal pump

Submersible centrifugal pump makes water move by centrifugal force because it has centrifugal impellers. Most of our submersible water pumps have one or more centrifugal impellers, except for QSH mixed flow submersible pump and QSZ axial flow submersible pump.

vertical submerisble centrifugal pump

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What is centrifugal pump?

Centrifugal force is a term of physics. The impeller of submersible centrifugal pumps is installed on a shaft. It has flow channel for water. When a submersible centrifugal pump works, its shaft will rotate at high speed. As there is a key between the shaft and the impeller, so when the shaft revolves, it will make the impeller revolve along at the same speed. As the impeller is already immersed in water, when it rotates, its blade will make water move in radial direction under centrifugal force. That’s how centrifugal force works in a centrifugal pump. Some centrifugal pumps have one impeller and work above ground rather than under water. But our centrifugal pumps are all submersible types.

submersible centrifugal pump
submersible centrifugal pumps for borewell for sale

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What submersible centrifugal pump do we supply?

APK Pump is one of the biggest submersible centrifugal pump manufacturers in Henan Province, China. The centrifugal submersible pumps we produce include WQ series single stage submersible centrifugal pumps and QJ series vertical multistage submersible deep well centrifugal pumps. QJ submersible pump centrifugal can transfer clean water. It can also transfer water that is not clean enough, such as river water. The water could be somewhat dirty, but should not contain solid objects; otherwise it will clog the pump. So please click QJ series deep well submersible water pump for more instructions about its working conditions.

submersible centrifugal pump for well
8 inch QJ submersible pump centrifugal

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WQ series vertical submersible centrifugal pump can drain sewage water. Most pumps of this series have single stage of impeller but WQX sewage drainage pump, which is multistage centrifugal submersible pump for waste water. WQX D is also a multistage sewage pump. Our submersible centrifugal pump conforms to international standard IS0 2858. Besides, it is also one of the energy-saving pumps promoted by Chinese Government.

submersible sewage pumps for sale
Submersible sewage pumps in our show room

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APK submersible centrifugal pump structure

1. Components of submersible centrifugal pump

Generally, a submersible centrifugal pump consists of a pump case, a lid, one or more impellers, a shaft, a seal ring, a shaft sleeve, some hanger brackets and a motor. The motor has both rotor and stator. The rotor includes one or more impellers, an axle and a rolling bearing, etc. The rolling bearing bears the radial force and axial force of the centrifugal submersible pump. The axial sealing ring of submersible centrifugal pump is made of packing gland, packing ring and packing material so as to keep air out and avoid severe water leakage. The motor is connected with the impellers of vertical submerged centrifugal pump through an elastic coupling.

submersible centrifugal pump
centrifugal submersible pump motor and head

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2. How to solve the problems of axial force and leakage

Some of our submersible centrifugal pumps have large flow rate and high head. In this case, it will generate strong axial force inside. In order to balance this force, we have added seal rings in the front or at the back of the impellers and a balance hole at the back shroud of the impeller. But in case of small submerged centrifugal pump, the axial force is small too, so we need no seal ring or balance hole. Besides, to avoid wearing and increase service life of the pump, we have added a shaft sleeve to protect the part of shaft that passes through packing chamber. What’s more, an O shaped sealing ring has been set between the shaft sleeve and the shaft to prevent air from coming in along the surface of sleeve. This sealing ring can also help to prevent leak.

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