Submerisble Sewage Pump Coupling Installation

Sewage pump coupling installation: The coupling device consists of a drainage base, a guide rod, a guide rod bracket, and a coupling interface. The submersible sewage pump is placed along the guide rod and automatically connected to the discharge system. When the sewage pump needs to be repaired or deactivated, only needs to lift up the sewage pump, the pump and drainage allation and maintenance base will automatically fall off. No need go down the well operation, easy inst.

submersible sewage pump coupling installation

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Submersible Sewage Pump of Detail:

Submersible sewage pump by used application marked off into WQK submerisble sewage cutter pump, WQB electric non clog submersible sewage pump, auti-megathermal submersible sewage pump and bottom suction submersible sewage pump. WQG series submersible sewage pump for mine、architecture and municipal and industrial waste water treament design. It can effectively pass through solid particles whose diameter is about 50% of the diameter of the pump. The mechanical seal uses a new type of hard and corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, Greatly improve the service life of sewage pumps.

submersible sewage pump coupling device

Submersibl Sewage Pump Model Selection and Maintenance

We should consider two points when select sewage pumps, on one hand is medium: pH, temperature, density, impurity content, impurity type, particle diameter, etc.; on the other hand is on-site conditions: including infuse tube length, infuse tube diameter, the vertical height difference between the inlet and outlet ports. All pumps need to match a control system. When select this system mainly considers the on-site demand function, combined with the pump quantity and power. The automatic coupling type installation method can realize the maintenance and replacement of the water pump without entering the sewage pit. When the motor works normally, no noise and vibration, and the current is stable, no need maintenance. Generally, it is recommended to be maintain semi-annual. Check the oil quality.

ModelPower (hp)Capacity (l/min)Head (m)Well diameter (mm)
WQ150-250-22-30 3025022150
WQ200-300-25-37 37130025200
WQ250-600-15-45 4560015250
WQ400-2200-7-75 7522007400
WQ400-1500-15-90 90150015400
WQ500-3100-12-160 1603100160500
WQ500-2800-18-220 220280018500

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Submerisble Sewage Pump Manufacturer

Zhengzhou Shi Shenlong Pump Industry Co.,Ltd is the submersible sewage pump production base. We have over 23 years’ experience in providing innovative and effcient effluent and sewage pump systems. These advanced solutions are used in any sewage pump application site. When used chmeical,pertroleum,mine,papermarking, power plants, municipal and industrial waste water. Submersible sewage pump are very effective.

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The normal submersible sewage pump is not suitable for explosion-proof site. If you need explosion-proof submersible sewage pump, please contact with us.

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