borewell submerged motor pump

Durable copper coil submerged motor pump

Sometimes we may also call submerged motor pump as submersible motor pump. The construction and specifications of our submerged motor pump is same as submersible motor pump. Please click submersible motor pump if you need that information. Here we will place more emphasis on its features, price and operation.

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Deep well submerged motor pump

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Features of submerged motor pump

Our submerged motor pump includes submersible water pumps for clean water and submersible sewage pumps. Some of them can be used in wide and open waters, such as our QJH sea water submersible pump. Others are suitable for applications in enclose waters, for instance, QJ series deep well submersible pumps. Motor is of great importance to the performance of submerged motor pumps. We use 100% pure durable copper wire to make the coils in our motor. Copper conducts electricity better than aluminums, so we don’t use aluminum wire. Besides, we use 45# steel to make the shaft of the motor. This steel has better strength than other kinds of steel.

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175QJ25-65 submersible submerged motor pump price

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What’s more, we install a temperature sensor inside the motor. The sensor will keep detecting motor temperature. If the temperature rises beyond the safety limit, the sensor will send a warning signal. Then, we can stop the pump and check it. All these help to prolong the working life of our submerged motor pumps. They prevent the risk of motor burning out, make the motor work safer and more reliably. According to our statistical result in June 2017, the average service life of all submerged pumps we sold in the past 20 years is between 3 and 7 years. Of course, the accurate number varies with the quality of water.

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200QJ32-52 submerged motor pump price

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Submerged motor pump installation

A submerged pump can be vertical or horizontal. You can submerge it partially or totally under water. Most of our submerged pumps for sale are vertical and totally submerged type, such as submerged well pump for application in wells, WQ series submersible sewage pump, QS openwell submersible pump, 200 QJ bore well submersible pump, etc. They all work automatically.

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how to install a submersible pump

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Submerged motor pump price by APK Pump

Raw materials influence production cost, and finally influence submerged water pump price. But even though our submerged water pump is made of high quality material, for instance, expensive copper wire coil instead of cheap aluminium wire coil, our submersible pump price is still almost half of similar products. If you are looking for cheap submersible water pump with high quality and long service life, it would be worthy of your time to take a further look at our submerged pumps water.

borewell submerged motor pump
200QJ40-78 submerged motor pump for borewell

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APK Pump has quite a large quantity of submersible water pumps for sale. We especially welcome business partners who have interest in submersible pump wholesale. A wholesaler would most probably receive special treatment from our sales engineers.

How does a submerged motor pump work?

To make a submerged motor pump work, two things must be available: control cabinet and power cable. The power cable shall be long enough to cover the distance between the submerged water pump and the control cabinet. It could be tens of meters. When you turn on the power, the submerged pump will start working by itself. As it is submerged under water, the pump case would naturally be filled with water before starting up, so you don’t need to worry about the problem of self-priming.

submerged water pump
Water-filled motor submerged water pump

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The submerged pump will take water in through its inlet and send it out through outlet. Water coming out of the pump will enter lifting pipe and move along. You can start up or stop the pump by way of the control cabinet. The pump usually doesn’t have a switch on itself, except some submersible sewage pumps. Sewage pumps could have a float switch. Once installed, our submerged well pump would keep working until the end of its life, if not interrupted by maintenance.

If you want to know more about our submerged motor pump, welcome to contact us. It would be our pleasure to be at your service. We are looking for cooperation with business partners all over the world, particularly those from Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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