submersible seawater pump for sale

QJH stainless steel sea water submersible pump

In some regions where an ocean is nearby, fish-farming could be a profitable line of business. Hence, we have developed a series of QJH sea water submersible pump for aquaculture. Our QJH sea water submersible pumps are made of 304# or 316# stainless steel only. They are wear-resistant and corrosion resistant and have large flow quantity and long service life. Therefore, they are quite suitable for pumping seawater or salt water for fish-farming. These pumps are for three-phase voltage. If you need a single phase submersible pump, please hit QJD stainless steel submersible pump.

submersible seawater pump for sale
QJH submersible seawater pump

QJH specifications:

Min flow: 8000 l/h (8 m³/h)
Max flow: 350,000 l/h (350 m³/h)
Min lift: 164 ft (50 m)
Max lift: 1410 ft (430 m)
Min power: 4 hp (3 kw)
Max power: 939 hp (700 kw)
Power supply: three-phase, 50Hz

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Sea water submersible pump specifications and features

Our QJH submersible sea water pumps are developed on the basis of 200QJ, 250QJ and 300QJ deep well submersible pumps. It has similar construction as QJ series, but it is designed to resist corrosion, sand and water hammer, and it is oil-filled submersible pump, rather than water-filled submersible pump. The model meanings of QJH are similar to that of QJ too. The letter H stands for Haishui, indicating sea water in Chinese.

sea water submersible pump
QJH sea water submersible pump filter screen

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QJH is also a multistage centrifugal submersible pump with at least two closed centrifugal impellers. You can use it as a high pressure seawater pump to boost pressure for seawater intake pump station. Besides, it can also serve as a seawater lift pump by transferring sea water at low level to somewhere high. Made of precision casting pure stainless steel, this pump can keep good performance even under high pressure. Our seawater submersible pump has large flow quantity.

QJH sea water submersible pump is corrosion-resistant

If you search for sea water in Wikipedia, you will find that each liter of sea water contains about 35 grams of salt on average. And according to Chinese Baidu Baike, each liter of fresh water contains only less than 0.5 gram of salt. That means sea water is 75 times more salty than fresh water. This makes it very corrosive. Therefore, if a submersible seawater pump wants to work for a long time, it must be anti-corrosive.

sea water submersible pumps
QJH sea water submersible pumps for sale

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The main part of our submersible sea water pump is made of pure 304# stainless steel. The pump shaft, pump case as well as the impellers are all made of 304# stainless steel. Submersible sea water pumps made of stainless steel have obvious advantages over those made of brass or plastic. A ss salt water submersible pump resists corrosion better. What’s more, it is rust-proof, helping to avoid any possible pollution to water source.

QJH sea water submersible pump is sand-proof

Except for salt, sands are also a problem. We have added filter screen to the water inlet of the submersible saltwater pump so that sands or other large particles would not enter. The raw material for the filter screen is also 304# stainless steel. On top of the motor shaft is a sand-proof ring. This ring prevents sands in sea water from entering the motor. The filter screen and the sand-proof ring not only prevents clogging, making the pump work reliably, but also helps to avoid wear.

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Seawater submersible pump manufacturer

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QJH sea water submersible pump prevents water hammer

We have installed a built-in check valve to the seawater lift pump. The check valve is also made of pure 304# stainless steel. It is well-known that there is a risk of water hammer for high lift pumps. That is, if a high lift boost pump sends water up to a very high height through a straight pipe, then when the pump stops, the water in the pipe will stop moving and falls back suddenly. This is what we call water hammer. It will cause serious damage to the pump. The function of check valve is to prevent water from flowing back into the pump when the pump stops.

borewell submersible pump set
QJH stainless steel submersible pump set for sea water

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The service life of QJH seawater submersible pump could be longer than cast iron pumps. APK Pump can provide long cables and lifting pipe along with our submersible sea water pumps for aquaculture field onshore or offshore. As there are too many models, we cannot show a complete sea water submersible pump price list here. If you have interest in them, welcome to contact us. Our sales engineers will help to select model and make quotation quickly.

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