ss-centrifugal fountain pump supplier price

Stainless Steel Electric Submersible Fountain Pump

Stainless steel electric submersible fountain pump material is divided into cast iron and stainless steel, stainless steel material can be divided into 304/316/316L, we can choose different material based on your request. According to client’s application, QSP series fountain pumps can be used with water curtain fountains, musical fountains, scene fountains, and garden fountains ,etc. Additionally, if you have special requirements, we can also provide customizing-service.

ss-fountain pump supplier price
Stainless Steel Electric Submersible Fountain Pump

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The fountain pumps from our company contain many different models based on variable flow and head. The conventional material in the market are cast iron and stainless steel. Both two material Cast iron has reliable wear resistance, and stainless steel has better anti-corrosion.

Fountain Pump Motor

The stainless steel submersible fountain pumps’ motors consist of water-filled motors and oil-filled motors according to different application. The water-filled motors have to be filled with clean water inside of motor. Oil-filled motors are filled with oil and sealed, which is suitable for area with bad water quality or cold climate, and also can be used in intermittent operational fountain.

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