oil-filled submersible pump

QY oil-filled submersible pump

Oil-filled submersible pump is cooled and lubricated by machine oil. We manufacture two categories of electric oil filled submersible pumps. They feature oil-filled three phase submersible motor. One category is QY series and QJD series stainless steel oil-filled submersible well pump, designed for clean water. But the other category is WQ series submersible sewage pumps, designed for sewage water. All of our WQ series are oil-filled submersible pumps except for WQS, because WQS is a water-filled submersible pump.

oil-filled submersible pump
QY oil-filled submersible pump for sale

QY submersible pump specifications:

Min flow: 2199 gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 21996 gph (100 m³/h)
Min head: 16 ft (5 m)
Max head: 177 ft (54 m)
Min size: 2″ or 51 mm;
Max size: 7.9″ (200 mm)
Max temperature: 104℉ (40℃)
Min power: 3hp or 2.2kw
Max power: 20hp or 15kw

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QY oil-filled submersible pump features

In this page, we will only introduce QY oil-filled submersible pump in detail. We will introduce the other series of oil-filled submersible pumps separately in their own page. QY series are small submersible pumps because their power range, head and flow quantity are all small. They have single stage of impellers or more stages of impellers, depending on the need of clients.

oil filled submersible pump price
Oil-filled submersible pump in our showroom

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The applications of QY series is similar with that of QJ series submersible well water pump. But QY is relatively smaller. It is especially suitable for shallow boreholes and open wells, smaller rivers and lakes. The general working conditions for QJ series deep well submersible water pump apply to QY series too. The structure of QY is also same as that of QJ, except the motor part. For oil-filled submersible pump, please remember to replace the lubricating oil regularly.

oil-cooled submersible pump manfuacturer
Oil-cooled submersible pump in our factory

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Oil-filled vs water filled submersible pumps

Talking about oil filled submersible pump, many people cannot help comparing it with water filled submersible pump. There is not too much difference between them. Both stand upright, and we can install them in different angles. The major difference is the cooling way of electric motor.

oil filled submersible pumps
single stage oil filled submersible pumps

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People may worry that if oil filled submersible pump leaks, it would pollute water. Because a water-filled motor has clean water inside, so if it leaks, it leaks only clean water. But an oil-filled motor has oil inside. If it leaks, it will leak oil. Therefore, it would cause pollution to the water it is pumping.

oil-filled submersible pumps
oil-filled submersible pumps manufacturer

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But don’t worry, we have taken measures against that risk. Our QY series submersible pump oil type uses machine oil. In order to prevent pollution, we have used high quality mechanical seal. This seal will effectively prevent leakage. For QJD series, we have used food-grade white mineral oil to replace machine oil. WQ series is for waste water. Although there is no concern about pollution in case of WQ series, we still protect them well from leakage.

Parameters of QY oil-filled submersible pump

For all of our QY oil-filled submersible pumps, we offer one year free warranty. If the pump goes wrong during the warranty period, you can turn to us for replacement or maintenance. What’s more, even when the warranty period expire, we would still offer you free maintenance. Since we keep optimizing the construction and quality of our submersible pumps, please note that we may not inform every client when we update our products. The table below shows the parameters of some models from this series.

ModelFlow Q(m3/h)Head H(m)Power(kw)Outlet size (inch)

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Model meaning of QY oil-filled submersible pump

Let us take the model of QY25-30-2-4 as an example. The meaning of Q is same as that in QJ series deep well submersible water pump. The letter Y here is short for “You”, which means oil in Chinese. Whenever you see Y in our model, you know it refers to oil-filled submersible motor. The first three figures following QY means the same as the model meanings of QJ series submersible deep well water pump. The last digit 4 means the power of the motor is 4KW.

submersible pump oil type price
QY submersible pump oil type with power cable

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If you find our oil-cooled submersible pump interesting, please feel free to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help you with the cost of submersible pump or any other information. In addition, QY is made of cast iron. But if you want stainless steel oil-filled submersible pump, please click and go to QJD stainless steel submersible well pump.

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