QSH electric vertical mixed flow submersible pump

When we say an electric submersible pump is a mixed flow type, we mean it has mixed flow impellers. QSH mixed flow submersible pump also has large flow rate, but not as large as that of QSZ axial flow submersible pump. You can use them in reservoirs, canals as well as large scale water-lifting engineering projects and stations.

vertical mixed submersible pump

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QSH Mixed flow submersible pump feature

Of course, the main feature of mixed-flow submersible pump is mixed flow impeller. A mixed flow impeller is different from a centrifugal impeller or axial flow impeller. In a centrifugal impeller, water moves outward in radial direction. In an axial flow impeller, water moves axially along the shaft. But the angle of impeller blades in a mixed flow impeller is between that of the two other types of impellers. As a result, water will move between radial direction and axial direction.

mixed flow submersible pumps manufacturer
Mixed flow submersible pumps inn our factory

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The working conditions and construction of QSH mixed flow submersible pump is similar with that of QJ series deep well submersible water pump. Mixed flow pumps usually have lower lift than submersible centrifugal pumps. But their flow rate may be larger than centrifugal submersible pumps.

Long service life mixed flow submersible pump

The QSH mixed flow submersible pumps we manufacture work safely and reliably. They are made of high quality grey cast iron, causing no pollution to water source. What’s more, this pump has mono structure. The rotor of its motor concentrates well, so when the motor runs, its rotor won’t cause too much abrasion to the shaft. This helps to prolong the service life of the mixed flow pump.

QSH mixed-flow submersible water pump

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Water in different regions could be different in nature, which will influence the service life of our QSH mixed-flow pumps too. The maximum record for the service life of our QSH mixed flow submersible pump is 10 years.

Performance curve of mixed flow submersible pump

Every mixed-flow pump has its own performance curve. A performance curve usually includes motor power, flow rate, pump head and efficiency, etc. We will test the performance of our mixed flow pump and record the change of each parameter. And then, we will draw a performance curve according to our records.

mixed-flow submersible pump company
High quality mixed-flow submersible pump

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When you purchase our mixed-flow submersible pump, you will find the performance curve on its user manual in the package. This curve will help you to adjust the operation of mixed-flow submersible pumps. If there is any difficulty for you to understand this curve, please feel free to contact us. We would be very happy to help.

Model meaning and parameters of QSH mixed flow submersible pump

QSH is a water-filled submersible pump. Similar to QSZ axial flow submersible pump, QSH also takes water in from the middle and discharges it out from top. The model meaning of QSH is similar to QSZ. The exceptional letter H here is short for Hun Liu, which means mixed flow in Chinese.

Mixed flow submersible water pumps
Top and water inlet of QSH mixed-flow submersible pump

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ModelHead (m)Flow (m³/h)Power (kw)Efficiency (%)

APK Pump has a wide diversity of mixed-flow submersible pumps for sale. QSH is only one of them. So if you are interested, please send us an inquiry below and fill your name and email. Our sales engineers would reply by email in a moment. We are open to constructive suggestions from clients.

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