vertical openwell submersible pumps

QS electric vertical openwell submersible pumps

In some countries, people use open well more often than tube well in agricultural irrigation, partly because an open well is easier to dig. It usually has larger opening than a bore well or tube well. Its mouth can be one or even two meters wide. But it may not be too deep, sometimes 30 m or 98 feet only, so that people can get shallow underground water through open wells. We have developed QS and QJD series vertical openwell submersible pumps for application in open wells. But we will focus more on QS in this page.

vertical openwell submersible pumps
QS vertical openwell submersible pumps

QS series specifications:

Min flow: 2199 gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 54992 gph (250 m³/h)
Min head: 16 ft (5 m)
Max head: 397 ft (121 m)
Min size: 6″ (150 mm)
Max size: 1.2″ (30 mm)
Min power: 3 hp (2.2 kw)
Max power: 10 hp (7.5 kw)
Water temperature ≤ 86℉ (30℃)
Power source: three-phase AC 380V, 50 Hz

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Vertical openwell submersible pumps overview

We name QS series submersible pumps after open well submersible pump from the perspective of application. QS is a small vertical pump, consisting of a submersible motor, a water inlet and a water outlet. It could have one to three stages of impellers, but usually not more than 3 stages. The general structure of QS is similar with that of QJ series deep well submersible water pump. But different from QJ, QS series has rolling bearing and we can install it horizontally or obliquely. While QJ series has graphite bearing and we can only install it vertically.

vertical openwell submersible pumps
open well submersible pump in production

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Vertical Open well submersible pump specifications

The model meanings of our QS series submersible well water pump for sale are similar as that of QJ series too. But the letter S here is short for Sanxiangdian, which means three-phase power source in Chinese. The letter “S” in all of our models means the same. The general specifications range of QS series are as follows. But for specifications of QJD series, please visit QJD stainless steel submersible well pump.

ModelFlow rate (m³/h)Head (m)Motor power (KW)Outlet diameter (inch)

How to install open well submersible pump?

Some open well pumps are dry pumps. That is, they are installed horizontally outside of the open well. They stay on dry ground and don’t touch water. They work by drawing water in though a long suction pipe put in the open well. But our open well water pump is submersible. We submerge it under water during operation.

vertical openwell submersible pumps for sale
Finished open well submersible pump

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Our QS series vertical openwell submersible pumps are made of cast iron, while QJD series are made of stainless steel. We have installed a flange to the water outlet of the vertical openwell submersible pump, so you can connect a lifting pipe to its outlet via the flange. And then, you just need to connect its power cable to power source via a power distribution cabinet and put it into your well. QS is suitable for 380V while QJD is suitable for 220V domestic use.

vertical openwell submersible pumps
QS openwell submersible pump in our showroom

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This submersible pump for open well will start sending out water as soon as you power it on. This offers great convenience for installation, so open well submersible pump installation won’t take you much time. Power distribution cabinet is necessary equipment for all electric submersible pumps. If you don’t have one, we can also supply it to you.  Besides, if the pumps need to be installed horizontally to fit into the conditions of the well, we can change them into horizontal openwell submersible pumps by adding a horizontal support frame. On our product user manual, we have given more detailed instructions about installation.

Vertical open well submersible pump price

APK Pump is one of the best openwell submersible pumps manufacturers in China. QJD series of pumps we manufacture include 1 hp open well submersible pump, 2 hp open well submersible pump, 3 hp open well submersible pump as well as 5 hp open well submersible pump, etc. We have both QJD single phase openwell submersible pump and QS three-phase open well submersible water pump.

QS80-20 vertical openwell submersible pumps
Openwell submersible pump model QS80-20

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If you are searching for best open well submersible pump in india, it would be worthy of your time to take a look at the best openwell submersible pump made in China by APK Pump. Our openwell submersible pumps have new and totally different construction. What’s more, our vertical openwell submersible pumps price is very competitive. For instance, our 1 hp open well submersible pump price is much lower than its counterpart.

vertical openwell submersible pumps
Our QS submersible open well pump in rich storage

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Our cast iron submersible pump open well is much heavier because of high density raw material. So it is not a small portable pump. You may find it heavy to move, but it has long service life. It is an economical and practical alternative.
Our submersible open well pump has been widely used in Chinese domestic markets. If you are interested in our products or need an openwell submersible pumps price list, welcome to send us an inquiry for further details by leaving a message below. We will response by email in a moment.

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