QJ electric deep well submersible water pump

A majority of underground water and surface water people use today are from oceans, lakes, rivers and wells. So APK Pump has manufactured QJ series deep well submersible water pump for application in deep wells or boreholes. QJ series are the primary submersible pumps from APK Pump. It has vertical construction. Their size ranges from 3 inch to 15 inch; motor power ranges from 1hp to 100hp.

deep well submersible water pump
10 inch deep well submersible water pump for sale

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QJ deep well submersible water pump working conditions

The following are general conditions for all models of QJ series. These rules are also applicable for QY series oil-filled submersible pump, QJD series stainless steel submersible well pump, QJG series high head submersible pump, QJH series sea water submersible pump, QJT series dewatering pumps mining, QS series vertical open well submersible pumps, QY series oil-filled submersible pump, QSH series mixed flow submersible pump, QSZ series axial flow submersible pump, QSP series submersible pump for fountain.

deep well submersible water pumps for sale
QJ deep well submersible water pumps under production

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1. Power source

Our submersible water pumps have three available power sources. Some models are for domestic use, such as QJD stainless steel submersible pump, because they are small and you can connect them to single-phase 220V or 230V AC civil electricity. But the most popular models are those connected to three-phase 380V or 415V AC industrial electricity. The allowed error for voltage is no more than 5%. But whatever the voltage is, the frequency shall always be 49.5Hz and 50.5Hz.

submersible pump stainless steel price
Submersible pump stainless steel in our showroom

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2. Depth in water

As QJ hangs in borehole, we have stipulated some norms for it. First, you should keep the bottom of the pump at least 3m above the bottom of the borehole. Next, you should submerge the top of the pump between 31 inches (0.8m) and 197 inches (5m) deep under water in the borewell.

submersible deep well water pump
submersible deep well water pump for sale

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3. Water quality

All clean water pumps like QJ submersible deep well water pump shall only be used for non-corrosive water, but not corrosive water. The water PH value shall be between 5.5 and 8.5, temperature lower than 40℃ or room temperature, solid matter content no more than 0.01% by mass, solid matter size less than 0.2mm in diameter, hydrogen sulfide content no more than 1.5 mg/l, chloridion content no higher than 400mg/l.

submersible deep-well water pump
250 QJ 80-4 submersible deep-well water pump price

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4. Requirement on water source

QJ could be put into either boreholes or open waters like rivers. But you should make sure there is enough water for the submersible deep-well water pump to transfer continuously. In case of borehole, the diameter of its opening should match the size of the pump. Never use a small pump in a borewell of large diameter, which is not favorable for the motor to dissipate heat.

submersible water well pumps for sale
175QJ40-60 submersible water well pumps for sale

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QJ series deep well submersible water pump applications

Our pump makes water move and QJ is used to make clean water move. You can use our deep well submersible pump to transfer clean water for any purpose. If our end user is a farmer from rural areas, he can use our pump to deliver water for irrigation. Our end user could be a factory owner, and the pump can transfer water for industrial production in his factory. He could also be a real estate developer and use the pump to supply domestic water for civil buildings.

submsersible deep well pump manufacturer
175QJ10-150 submersible deep well pump

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If you live in hilly or mountainous areas, you can use our deep well submersible water pump to take water from a river to your water distribution system. Our deep well water pumps cannot only supply water, but also drain water. Deep well submersible water pumps are as widely used in urban area as in rural area. For example, it can help to supply water for railway construction sites, hydroelectric power plants and other water conservancy facilities. It cannot work independently by itself, but together with other facilities. Besides, you can also use it to boost pressure for firefighting, in water pools, water tanks and various water supply systems.

QJ deep well submersible water pump structure and materials

1. Monoblock structure

This kind of submersive pump consists of oil-cooling motor, water inlet, impeller and water outlet from bottom to top. This series of deep well water pumps have simple vertical monoblock structure, with impellers above motor, both sharing one shaft. Water enters this submersible pump through blower inlet casing. Vertical structure helps to save energy and floor space, thus improving efficiency.

deep well submersible pump for water
250QJ50-140 deep well submersible pump for water

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Monoblock structure not only helps to make the motor rotor easy to install, but also makes it easy to maintain and disassemble. They also belong to water-filled submersible pump since their motors are also water-filled type. They are multistage centrifugal pumps, with multistage closed centrifugal impellers. They also belong to . Except for submersible pumps, we also provide accessories such as lifting pipes, bottom valves, etc.

2. High quality raw materials

Most series of our submersible water pumps are made of the same material. Here we will give a list of the material of each part. We will not repeat them again when introducing other series of submersible water well pumps for sale.

deep well submersible pumps
Cast iron case of our deep well submersible pumps

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Impeller: Grey cast iron HT200 or stainless steel closed centrifugal impeller
Pump bowl: Grey cast iron HT200 or stainless steel ss304/ss316
Pump shaft: Cold-drawn steel with chrome plating, or stainless steel ss304/ss316
Motor Seal: Rubber O-ring seal, mechanical seal
Motor regulating sleeve: rubber

deep well submersible water pump
Impeller and guide vane of submersible pump deep well

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We use stainless steel only to make the motor part of our QJ submersible deep-well water pump. The rest part is made of grey cast iron. If required by clients, we can also make the whole submersible deep well pump into stainless steel, cast copper or ductile cast iron, including impellers, shaft, cast, motor, and even bolts and screws.

deep well submersible water pump
The motor winding of our deep submersible water water pump

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Model meaning and specifications of QJ series deep well submersible water pump

We have quite a lot of models of submersible water well pumps for sale. For instance, according to the diameter of the flange on pump outlet, QJ series include models of 75QJ, 100QJ, 125QJ, 150QJ, 175QJ, 200QJ, 250QJ, 300QJ as well as large 400QJ. Let us take model 200QJ15-26/2 as an example. Submersible pump 中文 is Qian Shui Beng. In Chinese, Qian Shui means going underwater and Beng is pump. The letter Q in QJ series submersible well pumps stands for the first letter of Qian. J in QJ stands for Jing, which means well or borehole in Chinese. The meaning of “Q” and “J” applies to all models of our submersible pumps. The figure before QJ is the diameter of outlet flange.

submersible deep well water pumps for sale
175QJ10-121 submersible deep well pumps for sale

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For example, 75QJ means the diameter of water outlet of this model is 75 mm or 3″. 200QJ means the diameter of the flange on the outlet of this model of deep well submersible pump is 200 mm or 8 inch. The second figure 15 means the flow rate of this model is 3299 gph or 15 m³/h. The second number 26 shows the head or lift of this model is 85 ft or 26 m. The third digit 2 is the number of impellers. It means the model you choose has 2 impellers. Sometimes, there will be a fourth digit showing the motor power of this model. The models in the parameter table below are complied in that way. And this way of compiling applies to all models from us.

ModelMotor power (kw)Motor power (hp)Flow rate (m3/h)Head (m)Size (inch)

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