submersible wastewater pumps

WQS electric non-clog submersible wastewater pump

WQS series submersible wastewater pump is a single stage water-filled submersible pump. It is a subcategory of our WQ submersible sewage pumps, prepared with common features of its kind. The unique feature of WQS is large flow quantity. It is suitable to be used to deliver large amount of wastewater from toilets, sinks, basements. It is ideal equipment for a pumping waste system. Except for common qualities of WQ submersible sewage pumps, WQS features large flow quantity.

submersible wastewater pump
WQS submersible wastewater pump for sale

WQS specifications:

Min flow: 1100 gph (5 m³/h)
Max flow: 1319815 gph (6000 m³/h)
Min head: 6.6 ft (2 m)
Max head: 131 ft (40 m)
Min size: 6″ (150 mm)
Max size: 1.2″ (30 mm)
Min power: 4 hp (3 kw)
Max power: 550 hp (410 kw)

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Product features of WQS submersible wastewater pump

1. Double suction

WQS series submersible waste water pumps have double-suction water inlet and double-channel impeller. When the submersible waste water pump runs, waste water flows into it from both ends of the impeller, and flow out from the middle of the impeller. This makes the wastewater pumps have large capacity or flow quantity. This series of submersible wastewater pumps is a smart combination of submersible motor and double-suction pump. It not only has the function of submersible pumps but also work stably with high efficiency in the way same as double-suction submersible wasterwater pumps.

submersible waste water pump supplier
Submersible waste water pump in our factory

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2. High efficiency

This pump for wastewater takes water in from bottom. The water then moves into the spiral case, where its kinetic energy is increased under the effect of rotating double-channel centrifugal impeller. Finally it runs out through outlet at one side of the waste water pump. This simple structure makes the wastewater submersible pump small in size, easy to move and install. Together with appropriate volute, this structure helps to balance and reduce the axial force imposed on motor, prolonging the service life of the waste water pump by 3 times, increasing its efficiency by 15%.

submersible waste water pumps
end suction submersible waste water pumps

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3. Non-clog

Today, many factories are trying to use less water for the production of same amount of industrial products. As a result, the waste water from factories would contain more scrap materials. This would increase the cost for waste water treatment, since it is easier to block the waste water submersible pump and pipeline. Besides, a lot of submersible wastewater pump manufacturers pay so much attention to energy-saving that they didn’t pay enough attention to the problem of clogging. Considering about that phenomenon, we had focused our attention on anti-clogging since we began to develop submersible sewage pumps in 2010. The double-channel impeller of WQS series has spiral flow blades, which would effectively prevent clogging.

submersible wastewater pumps
Submersible wastewater pumps price

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Applications and parameters of WQS submersible wastewater pump

The applications and model meanings of WQS wastewater submersible pumps are similar to that of WQA submersible sewer pumps. We have two-pole motor, four-pole or six-pole motor for your choice. The rotation speed of them respectively is 2900 rpm, 1450 rpm, 730 rpm. We can make them with cast iron HT200, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or 316l stainless steel according to the need of clients. When the motor is at work, its current shall not exceed the rated value. We used to design and provide a batch of 37 kw high power sewage waste pump for our Korea clients.

wastewater submersible pump for sale
Wastewater submersible pumps for sale

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ModelFlow (m³/h)Head (m)Power (kw)Rotation speed (r/min)

Except for waste water submersible pumps, APK Pump also offers submersible well pumps for clear water. We have both stainless steel submersible well pumps and cast iron submersible well pumps. Our submersible pumps can be customized to meet the requirement of clients. If you are interested in our products, please leave a message below. It would be our pleasure to be at your service.

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