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WQX D high flow submersible sewage drainage pump

WQX D series sewage drainage pump has larger capacity than WQX bottom suction submersible pump. WQX D is also designed to discharge sewage water, effluent, trash, sludge and wastewater. It can be used in sewage pumping stations, construction sites, etc. This sewage drainage pump is especially useful in circulating dirty water in coal cleaning plants, pumping coal slime and taking water from rivers for farmland irrigation.

sewage drainage pump for water
WQX D large flow quantity sewage drainage pump

WQX D specifications:

Min flow: 2750 gph (12.5 m³/h)
Max flow: 21997 gph (100 m³/h)
Min head: 49ft (15m)
Max head: 656ft (200m)
Min size: 2″ (50 mm)
Max size: 4″ (100 mm)
Min power: 4hp (3kw)
Max power: 84hp (63kw)
Min temp: 32℉ (0℃)
Max temp: 122℉ (50℃)
Power supply: AC 380V or 660V, 50Hz, ±5%

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Sewage drainage pump advantages

1. High capacity submersible sewage pump

Different from WQX small flow bottom suction submersible pump that has centrifugal or spiral-flow impellers, WQX D sewage drainage pump’s impellers have double flow channels and mixed flow structure. With double flow channels, this series of submersible pumps has good performance in preventing clogging and winding, and saving electricity energy.

sewage drainage pump
WQX D sewage drainage pump for sale

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Mixed flow impellers are different from traditional impellers. Traditional impellers generate centrifugal force only. But an impeller of mixed flow structure imposes two kinds of force on water simultaneously. One is centrifugal force in radial direction. The other is lifting force in axial direction. The two forces work together to push water up. This allows WQX D sewage drainage pump to discharge sewage water in large quantity.

sewage drainage pump
37kw WQX D high power sewage drainage pump

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2. Cooling sheath

We have added a sheath outside the motor. With this sheath, when this electric submersible pump works, sewage water will flow through the clearance between the sheath and the motor. When it passes by the motor, it will take away the heat of the motor, thus achieving the effect of cooling. Otherwise, if too much heat accumulates in the motor and cannot be dissipated in time, the motor will go wrong. With the help of the cooling sheath, the motor part of this submersible sewage pump can stay above water for a longer time when the pump works. This is the so called built-in structure, i.e. motor covered under sheath.

sewage drainage pump price
Sewage drainage pump with power cable

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3. Little vibration

Impellers belong to the moving part of submersible pumps. They should rotate along with the shaft, but should not move in radial direction. Otherwise, it would cause abrasion, vibration and noise. Even a tiny move of impeller in radial direction is not permitted. For that purpose, during the process of manufacturing, we will take static and dynamic equilibrium test on each impeller. All impellers installed on our WQX D sewage drainage pump are perfectly balanced ones. Therefore, you will find little vibration when this electric submersible sewage pump runs.

submersible sewage drainage pump for sale
WQX D submersible sewage drainage pumps in warehouse

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Parameters and model meaning

The model numbers of WQX D is same as WQX bottom suction submersible pump. The three letters in front respectively stand for sewage, submersible and bottom suction. The letters will be followed by three figures separated by a hyphen, respectively indicating flow, head and power. WQX D has large flow quantity and low head. The external diameter of this series of submersible sewage pumps are large than 360mm. We have added an additional letter D here to indicate larger flow quantity. The table above shows the parameters of some models of WQX D sewage drainage pump. The flow and head shown in parameter table are all rated values. That is, the pump submersible has highest efficiency when working at these flow and head.

ModelFlow (m³/h)Head (m)Power (kw)Rotation speed (r/min)

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How to buy sewage drainage pump?

APK Submersible Pumps is a submersible pump manufacturer of 30 years history. We have local distributors in in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, and Canada. If you belong to any of the above countries, it will be more convenient for you to contact a local submersible pump distributor. Besides, we are looking for more business partners all over the world now. Anyone who meets our requirements is welcome to apply to be our distributor or agent.

sewage drainage pump for waste water
Sewage drainage pump in our showroom

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If you want to buy WQX D sewage drainage pump from us, or need more information about this sewage pump, please leave a message below. Our sales engineers will response quickly. Except for WQX D, we also have quite a lot of other submersible sewage drainage pumps for your choice. We will select a suitable model to fit your specific conditions. We would be very pleased to be helpful.

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