QSZ high capacity axial flow submersible pump

QSZ axial flow submersible pump features an axial flow impeller. This series of submersible water pumps have large flow quantity. They can be used to drain non-aggressive water in pools, rivers and large ponds, as well as slightly aggressive sea water. They can also be used for water treatment in municipal pump stations, flood control or agricultural irrigation in hilly areas.

high capacity axial flow submersible pump

QSZ specifications:

Min flow: 54992 gph (250 m³/h)
Max flow: 8798766 gph (40000 m³/h)
Min head: 6.5 ft (2 m)
Max head: 65 ft (20 m)
Min power: 7.4 hp (5.5 kw)
Max power: 1877 hp (1400 kw)
Min size: 5.9″ or 150 mm
Max size: 63″ or 1600 mm

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Features of QSZ axial flow submersible pump

The working conditions as well as the structure of QSZ are same as that of QJ deep well submersible water pump. The most prominent feature of axial flow pump is its axial flow impeller. The blades of this impeller have larger angles, so they can move large amount of water. What’s more, we have copper impeller and stainless steel impellers for your choice. We can change the flow capacity and lift or head of this axial flow pump in a wide range by adjusting the angle of its impellers. Therefore, this pump can suit different applications in regions with various geographic features.

axial-flow submersible pump
Axial-flow submersible pump manufacturing

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You can install axial flow submersible water pumps in many ways, horizontally, vertically or obliquely. For instance, you can hang it on a mineshaft and fix it there, or let it lean against a river bank or sea coast. It can also stay in the middle of open and deep waters or at the bottom of a lake, river or pond. The axial flow submersible pump we produce meets up with the unified standards by Chinese government about axial flow pumps. We have designed it according to the latest hydraulic model to make it non-clogging and energy saving.

axial-flow submersible pumps for sale
Small axial-flow submersible pumps we produce

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Measures to prevent axial flow submersible pump from leaking

Leakage is a common problem for all axial flow pumps. QSZ is also a kind of water-filled submersible pump. It has so large flow capacity that its motor is easy to leak water. Hence, we have taken effective measure to avoid the problem of leakage. People often use one layer of seal on a submersible motor. But in order to prevent leakage more effectively, we add another two layers of seal. Furthermore, we have installed a detector inside the motor of our axial-flow submersible pump. If the motor leaks, the detector will act and send a signal. This extra work is paid off at last and our QSZ axial flow submersible pumps have become more competitive in domestic markets and won a large market share. We hope to bring this high performance axial flow pump from China to the world and benefit people worldwide.

axial flow submersible pumps
Axial flow submersible pumps for sale

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Axial flow submersible pump we used to make

QSZ could be very heavy. For example, the largest mixed flow pump we used to make weighs 4 tons a unit, flow rate 1099845gph (5000m3/h), head 32ft (10m), motor power 260kw. QSZ is not for domestic use, but for commercial or industrial use. It is designed for large scale submersible pump stations. In March, 2016, we have won the bidding in Willow Park Irrigation Pumping Station in Xinxiang City, Henan Province and supplied four axial flow submersible pumps to this station. Each of the four pumps has 12 stages of axial flow impellers, motor power 375hp or 280KW, and flow rate 1429799gph (6500m3/h). These axial flow submersible pumps have been working well since they were installed last March. Of course, if you have interest, we would be happy to show them to you.

axial flow submersible pump
Large axial flow pumps for sale

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Specifications and model meaning of QSZ axial flow submersible pump

To illustrate the model meanings of this series of axial-flow submersible pumps, let us take model 350QSZ-5-30 as an example. In this model, the first digit 350 and the letter Q means same as that in QJ series. The letter S means same as that in QS vertical openwell submersible pumps. Z is short for Zhouliu, which means axial flow in Chinese. The second digit 5 means the head of this model is 16 ft, while the third one means the motor power is 40hp or 30kw.

axial-flow submersible pumps
Axial-flow submersible pumps for sale

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To closely follow up the change of markets is one of the reasons for the success of APK Pump. APK, Always Perfectly Keeping our customers first. We not only provide our clients with high quality submersible pumps, but also listen to their feedback with open ears. QSZ is a new pump developed by our research team in response to the need of markets. If you want to know about the cost of submersible pump, or have any proposals for us, please contact us. We will treasure every word from you and reply timely.

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