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We can sort submersible pumps into different types according to the driving force. A submersible pump drove by solar energy from solar panels is a submersible solar pump. A submersible pump drove by magnetic force is called magnetic pump. And a submersible pump drove by the energy from moving water is called a turbine pump. There are also windmill pumps drove by wind and hand pumps drove by human labor. A submersible motor pump is the one drove by electric power. You might as well call it electric submersible water pump. The motor we use could be water-filled or oil-filled. We use high quality copper coil in our motor so that it can work for a longer time.

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Internal dynamic structure of submersible motor pump

High quality submersible motor pumps manufactured by APK Pump include submersible pump and motor. The pumping part is some closed centrifugal impellers. We can make the impeller with stainless steel, copper or engineering plastic. Stainless steel impeller is more durable than copper impeller and copper impeller is more durable than plastic impeller. But plastic impeller is the lightest of the three. When the motor submersible pump works, the impeller will rotate at high speed, 2980 rpm for instance, to keep taking water in and pushing it out.

oil-filled motor submersible pump for sale
motor submersible pump for sale

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Why does the impeller rotate? That’s all because of the motor. We have installed the impeller and the motor on the same shaft. When you power on the motor, it will make the shaft rotate and the shaft in turn will make the impeller rotate. Once our submersible motor pump is powered on, it can keep running nonstop for 8000 hours or 333 days, needing no maintenance. But please overhaul it when this time is over. So you can see how powerful our motor is. If it is not powerful enough, it may run only 2500 hours only. That is the internal dynamic structure common in our submersible motor pumps.

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All kinds of submersible motor pumps for borewell

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Different cooling ways of submersible motor pump

The motor of our submersible pump is also submersible. You must submerge it under water when it runs. This is different from dry motor that can operate on ground. If you let the submersible motor run above water, it will go wrong. When working in water, the key issue for the motor is to dissipate heat.

submersible motor pump manufacturer
submersible motor pump for waste water

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According to the way of dissipating heat, submersible motor pumps can be divided into oil-filled submersible pump that is cooled and lubricated by oil and water-filled submersible pump that is cooled and lubricated by water. Our deep well submersible motor pumps all use water-filled motor except QY series. Our submersible sewage motor pumps all use oil-filled motor except WQS series.

Submersible motor pump with different voltage

We produce both three-phase asynchronous submersible motors and single phase asynchronous submersible motors for our 3 phase submersible water pump and single phase submersible pump. You should connect AC 380v submersible water pump to power distribution cabinet by a power cable. This is high voltage industrial power. As for AC 220v submersible water pump, you should connect it to civil power source.

submersible pump and motor manufacturer
submersible pump and water-filled motor

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The models of our motors include YQS150-3~18.5KW, YQS175-2.2~37KW, YQS200-2.2~45KW, YQS250-5.5~100KW, YQS300-75~185KW, QY1.5~7.5KW, QS1.5~7.5KW. In China, our civil electricity is 220v. This is also true in countries like France, Italy, India, Thailand and Philippines, etc. But some countries, such as Canada and the United States, use 110v civil electricity. And other countries use both 110v and 220v.

wholesale submersible motor pumps
Submersible motor pumps wholesale

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In order to become one of the best electric submersible pump manufacturers, we not only offer competitive submersible motor pump price, but also take the need of clients into full consideration. We offer custom-made service with our submersible motors. That is, we can customize motor power and frequency for clients who need 110v, 240v or 660v voltage and so on.

motor submersible pump manufacturer
Borewell motor submersible pump in our factory

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We have submersible motor pumps with different stages impellers and different constructions for clean water or waste water. If you have interest, please kindly fill the message box below. Our sales engineer will can get back to you as quickly as possible.

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