Submersible irrigation well pump

Submersible irrigation well pump

Countries in Europe, North America and Asia own most arable lands in the world. China is also a large agricultural country. We have built irrigation stations to fight against drought in dry seasons. So submersible irrigation well pump is the main equipment in agricultural irrigation system. Here we will give a brief introduction about submersible irrigation pump selection and our submersible irrigation pumps for sale.

submersible irrigation well pump
Our submersible irrigation pump working

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What submersible irrigation well pump do we offer?

The main products from APK Pump for well irrigation is QJ series deep well submersible water pump. This series of pumps include both large and small ones. Large submersible irrigation pump is suitable for irrigation stations. For example, if the farmland is far away from some kind of water source, such as a river, the submersible pump for irrigation will help to transfer water. You can use additional device together with the pump to achieve spray irrigation and drip irrigation.

Submersible irrigation well pump
Submersible irrigation well pumps in APK factory

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For small irrigation submersible pump, you can install it in boreholes, rivers or lakes to lift clean water up for irrigation. It is suitable for personal use for a small piece of land, less than 200 acres for instance. But if the water in your river or lake contains too many impurities, you might as well choose WQ series.

Submersible irrigation pump selection for well

To select a proper submersible irrigation water pump, firstly we have to get a well knowledge about the size of your well and the area of farmland to be irrigation. If the diameter of the mouth of the well is less than 15.7 ft (40 cm) and the land area is smaller than 1 hectare, then we suggest a small QJD stainless steel submersible well pump. This pump is light and portable, so it is convenient to install. What’s more, you don’t need to fix it in the well permanently. When you have finished irrigating your wheat land or corn land, you can take it out of the well. When the dry season comes next time, you can install it in another well. This will help to protect the agricultural pumpset from being stolen.

submersible irrigation well pump
Installing submersible irrigation water pump

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If you are going to build an irrigation station with pump house for vast area of land, or if you want to install a submersible irrigation pump in your agricultural irrigation system, we suggest a fixed QJ submersible irrigation well pump with large flow quantity. You can install this kind of pumpset for agriculture in one deep well permanently. Once installed, it is generally not taken out of the well throughout its service life except for maintenance. Our QJ series deep well submersible water pump is designed for this purpose. This series of submersible irrigation pumps for sale are made of fine cast iron. We can customize head and flow quantity of our irrigation well pumps.

Submersible irrigation well pump used in rivers and lakes

Water levels in rivers and lakes are usually higher than water level in wells. In deep wells, the irrigation well pump often hangs vertically in the middle of water. It is required to be at least 3 meters above the bottom of the well. When used in river or pond, the submersible water pump for irrigation will be added with a support frame. The support frame will prevent the pump from sinking down to river bottom.

water-filled submersible pump
High head water-filled submersible pump, low head water filled submersible pump

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Otherwise, it will be easy for the pump to get clogged by sands. Besides, we may also add a floating box to the submersible pump for irrigation so that it floats on the river. That depends on the requirements of clients. Our QJ and QJD series are all clean water pumps. If the water in river or pond is dirty or muddy, you could use our WQX submersible sewage pumps. We design them specially for dirty water.

submersible water pump for sale
borewell submersible water pump

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APK Pump is an experienced and qualified manufacturer of irrigation submersible pump. For more details about our submersible irrigation well pump, please contact us by You can also fill your name and email below and leave a message to us. We will reply you by email as soon as possible.

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