submersible dewatering pump

Anti-clogging electric submersible dewatering pump

Our submersible dewatering pump is a kind of submersible pump specially designed to drain water, so you may also call it submersible drainage pump. Submersible dewatering pump usually has vertical structure, with motor above and impellers below. The submersible dewatering pumps APK produces include both QJT electric sewage dewatering pumps mining for application in mines and WQX D bottom suction submersible pump for application in flood or rainwater drainage.

submersible dewatering pump
Dewatering submersible pumps for sale

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WQX D Submersible dewatering pump used for rain water

One of the most important applications of WQX D submersible dewatering pump is to drain rain water. Some countries in south East Asia have long rainy seasons in summer. Even when it is not in rainy season, a rainstorm or typhoon would also pour tremendous amount of water in a short time, causing waterlog in cities. During this time, it is easy for water to accumulate in low-lying areas. Stagnant rain water on road will make your shoes and trouser legs wet. Stagnant water in your basement will dampen your clothes and furniture. What’s more, if the stagnant water is very deep, it may even cause severe economic losses.

dewatering submersible pump
WQX D dewatering submersible pump for sale

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The models of our WQX D series bottom suction submersible pump cover a wide range of flow quantity and head. Whatever your water condition is, and however deep you stagnant water is, there must be a model of suitable flow and head for you. By the way, we advice you not to use clean water pump in this situation, since water from heavy rainfall may contain leaves, twigs, plastic bags and other household refuses, and such wastes would most possibly clog the pump. Our WQX and QJT dewatering submersible pumps could prevent clogging and winding. Please visit WQX D large flow quantity sewage drainage pump for more details.

QJT Submersible dewatering pump used for mine water

Water burst in mines would accumulate a lot of water in a short period. Such water coming out of nowhere is not only a threat to the mine, but may also threat the lives of mine workers. This is the time when a QJT electric submersible dewatering pump plays a role of hero. Recently, QJT electric dewatering pumps mining is being increasingly widely used for water drainage in mines. Our QJT electric dewatering submersible pump for mining has the following features in structure:

Submersible dewatering pump
QJT submersible dewatering pump for sale

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1. This drainage submersible pump is developed on the basis of QJ submersible deep well pump, so same as QJ series, QJT submersible dewatering pump also has submersible three-phase asynchronous motor, a special submersible motor for submersible well pumps. This is a type of wet motor, so you need to fill it with water. The motor part and the impeller part are connected by a barrel coupling.
2. QJT is a type of single suction, multistage vertical centrifugal pump. Since it has large flow quantity and low head, it can drain quite a lot of water in very short time. This design helps to make the pump work stably and safely for a long time. Please hit QJT bottom suction submersible dewatering pumps mining industry for more details.

submersible dewatering pump
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Other applications of submersible dewatering pump for sale

Except for mine water and rain water, our dewatering submersible pumps can also work to drain water in construction sites, engineering projects, and to drain flash flood water in mountainous areas, etc. When used in construction sites, it may also be called construction dewatering pumps. If a tap water pipe breaks, or a sewage pipeline is clogged, it will also cause water logging. You can also use dewatering submersible pump in these cases.

submersible dewatering pumps manufacturer
The QJT submersible dewatering pump we manufacture

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When purchasing a submersible dewatering pump, it is of great importance to choose a model of appropriate flow. For dewatering pumps, the pump head don’t have to be high, but the flow quantity shall be neither too large nor too small. A pump of too small flow quantity cannot drain water quickly, while a pump of too large flow quantity will lead to a waste of electricity. Finally, if you don’t know which model to choose, please leave a message below and our sales engineer will help.

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