QJG high head submersible pump

APK manufactures both high head submersible pump for clean water and high head submersible pump for sump water. For non-aggressive water, we have QJG series. The minimum head of this series is 315ft (96). QJG is developed on the basis of QJ series deep well submersible water pumps. It can have as many as 50 stages of impellers. While for aggressive sump or effluent water, we have WQX series. But this page will mainly talk about QJG high-head submersible pumps. Please click WQX bottom suction submersible pump if you need a high head sump pump.

high head submersible pump
250 QJ 40-91 high-head submersible pump

QJG high lift submersible pump:

Min flow: 2199 gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 109984 gph (500 m³/h)
Min head: 315 ft (96 m)
Max flow: 1640 ft (500 m)
Min size: 1.3″ (32 mm)
Max size: 8″ (203 mm)
Min temp: 5℉ (-15℃)
Max temp: 176℉ (80℃)
Min power: 2 hp (1.5 Kw)
Max power: 215 hp (160 Kw)

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Features of QJG high head submersible pump

High lift submersible pumps are suitable for applications where high head is needed for various dewatering applications. Same as QJ deep well submersible pumps, QJG series are also multistage water-filled submersible pumps. They also have water-filled submersible motor. Their working conditions, main materials and structure are same as QJ series. In order to make it endurable under the high pressure from its high head, we have used nickeliferous copper fan-shaped block to make the thrust bearing. Besides, we have also added a device between the pumping part and the motor part to bear the axial force. With the help of this device, we can increase the lift of this submersible motor pump to as much as 2953 feet (900 m).

high head submersible pump for sale

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Made-to-order QJG high head submersible pump

Model meanings of QJG high head submersible pumps are similar with that of QJ submersible borehole pumps. The extra letter G here is short for “Gaoyangcheng” in Chinese, which means high head. The factory of APK Pump used to produce high lift submersible pump designed according to the need of clients. For example, in the fourth week of last December in 2016, we designed model 200QJ25-380/27-55 for our client in Pingdingshan City in China. The flow quantity of this mode is 5499gph or 25m3/h, lift 1247ft or 380m, with 27 stages of impellers and 74hp or 55kw motor. When this machine stands upright, it is 18.5ft or 5.65m tall. Its motor is about 5.9ft or 1.8m. The section of its impellers is about 12.6ft or 3.85m.

high head submersible pump for sale
Made-to order QJG high head submersible pumps installation

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Welcome to visit APK Submersible Pumps Showroom

APK Pump warmly welcome overseas clients to visit our factory. We will not only pick them up at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport or Zhengzhou Railway Station, but also will help to book hotels and air tickets for them. Besides, we have built a show room in our factory in 2016. In this show room, clients are able to see a wide range of finished submersible well pumps and submersible sewage pumps made by our factory. Besides, we will add more of our pumps to the show room in future.

high head submersible pump
High head submersible pumps show room

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APK high head submersible pump online and offline service

Online service:
As a manufacturer of submersible pump, APK Pump is not only welcomed for its submersible pump manufacturing capacity, but also for its considerate and overall service. After all, it’s our duty to serve clients timely. APK Pump is a 6 years gold supplier of submersible water pumps on Alibaba, where we have kept our record of transaction on a rising trend. On Alibaba, we have offered high quality high-head submersible pump to clients from Vietnam, Tanzania, and Malaysia and so on.

high head submersible pump
High head submersible pump delivery

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Offline service:
We offer one year warranty to QJG high lift submersible pump. During the operation of our submerged water pump, we will offer free maintenance in case of any failure. We will keep a record of each submersible well pump we sell. Besides, for large scale projects, we will send our engineers on site for installation and test run according to the terms in Sales Contract.

high head submersible pump
Loading packed high lift submersible pump

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The most convenient online service we offer is the website you are scanning now. We will provide clients with the latest information about our submersible pump for sale and our factory here. Besides, every message left here will be paid great attention to by our sales engineer. So for more information about QJG high-lift submersible pump, or if you want to buy submersible pump online, please leave a message below. We will response as soon as possible.

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