8" electric submersible pumps catelogue

8″ electric multistage borewell submersible pumps

8″electric multistage borewell submersible pumps can be used widely for different situations. According to well diameters, there are 7″ borewell submersible pumps, 8″ submersible pumps, 10″ borehole submersible pumps, 12″ electric submersible pumps, 14″ multistage submersible pumps and 16″ submersible electric pumps. As a professional 8″ electric multistage borewell submersible pumps manufacturer, our products are promised to have longer service life than others. We have competitive 8″ submersible pumps price and complete warranty. They can also be divided as cast iron 8″ multistage borewell pumps and stainless steel 8″ borehole pumps.

electric multistage 8" water pumps catelogue
8″ electric multistage pump

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Tube well or borewell submersible pumps manufacturer

The submersible borewell pumps manufactured by APK Pump has vertical construction and one or more stages of closed centrifugal impeller. They are water-filled submersible pumps, with water cooling submersible electric motor. The number of impellers depends on the need of clients. Of course, submersible water pumps for borewell with more stages will have higher head, and those with less stages will have lower head.

8" electric submersible pumps catelogue
8″ electric multistage borewell submersible pumps for sale

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The design, quality and manufacturing process of our borehole pumps for sale all conform to the requirements in Chinese National Standards GB/T2816-2002, GB/T2818-2002 as well as GB/T25409-2010. GB here is short for Guojia Biaozhun, which means National Standards in Chinese.

Borewell submersible pumps specifications

A borewell or rube well has tiny opening. Its mouth is very small, sometimes less than 1 ft, but it can be very deep, 1312 ft or 400 m for example. This kind of wells is drilled to reach deep underground water. To suit boreholes with such depth and diameter, we have made QJ submersible borehole pumps in a wide range of sizes. The outlet diameter of our borehole pump ranges from 3 inch to 15 inch. The flow quantity of our submersible borewell pump varies from 33 l/min (2 m³/h) to 8333 l/min (500 m³/h). Our pump lift ranges from 16ft (5 m) to 1961 ft (598 m). Our motor power ranges from 1 hp to 100 hp.

8" borewell submersible multistage pumps for sale
8″ submersible borewell multistage water pumps catelogue

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How to select submersible pump for borewell?

Water level is one of most important factors affecting the selection of submersible water pumps for borewell. Therefore, before you buy submersible pump for your borewell, please pay attention to the water level in your borehole firstly. The water level here refers to both dynamic water level and static ground water level.
Static water level is the constant water level in your borehole before the installation of submersible bore pumps. After you have installed a bore well submersible pump in it and the pump starts working, the static water level will fall down.

submersible borehole 8" pumps for sale
8″ borehole submersible water pumps catelogue

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When the pump works, it lifts water out of the borehole. Meanwhile, there will be underground water keep gushing out from the bottom of the borehole. With time going, the amount of water gushing out will matches the flow quantity of the submersible borehole water pump. By then, the water level will stop falling down. So the water level at this moment is called dynamic level.
We should install the submersible borewell pump vertically. And we should immerse the 1st stage of its impellers at least 5 m or 16 feet below the dynamic level. The whole equipment should stay at most 229 ft or 70 m below the static water level. Except water level, the diameter and depth of the well, the head and flow rate of the pump you need also influences model selection.

Preparation before using borewell submersible pumps

If you have just drilled a new deep well, the water in the well may be muddy. Different from submersible sewage pumps, a submersible bore pump is easy to get clogged when pumping muddy or turbid water. Therefore, if you want to use it in your new borehole, please remember to flush the well to make the water clean firstly.

submersible borehole water multistage pumps 8" catelogue
8″ submersible borewell pumps multistage for sale

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Besides, if you didn’t use your well for over six months, you should also wash it firstly before installing the submersible pump borewell. If you didn’t wash their new borehole before using the borewell pump, there will be higher risk for the motor of the pump to get clogged or even burn out.

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