industrial submersible water pumps price

Industrial submersible water pump

Basing on different applications, submersible water pumps fall into domestic submersible pump, submersible water pump for agriculture, industrial submersible water pump, commercial electric submersible pump and so on. Here we will talk about our industrial submersible pumps. Submersible water pumps play an important role in many walks of industrial production. Our industrial submersible water pumps include QJ high capacity submersible pump as well as WQ submersible sewage pump.

industrial submersible water pumps price
Centrifugal industrial submersible water pumps

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What industrial submersible water pump do we offer?

As one of the best industrial water pumps manufacturers in the middle part of China, we have many types of industrial submersible pumps. According to the fluid they pump, industrial  submersible pumps generally include industrial clean water pumps and industrial sewage water pumps. We have QJ series high capacity submersible pump. It can transfer clean water for industrial purposes. This series includes 200QJ, 250QJ, 300QJ and 400QJ. For example, our 16″ or 400QJ submersible pump has the largest flow rate, as large as 2200 gpm. QJ series are all vertical multistage centrifugal water-filled submersible well pumps. Please hit QJ series submersible pumps for more details.

industrial water pumps for sale
Submersible industrial water pumps for sale

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Industrial submersible water pump for tap water plants and cement factories

1. Tap water plant
We primarily use stainless steel to make our QJD stainless steel submersible water pump so as to prevent pollution. If a tap water plant supplies clean drinking water for high level office buildings or residential dwelling buildings, it can use our pump in their water transfer systems. For example, for a high-level building of 20 floors, if each floor is about 3 meters high and the pipe loss is about 1 meter per 10 meters, then the total head we need is 20×3+6=66 m. In this case, Y100QJD3-70/12-1.1 can be an ideal model. This model will meet your need and save the cost of submersible pump in the total budget of your plan.

type of water pump in industry
Submersible water pumps for tap water plants industry

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2. Cement factories
Cement factories need a large amount of water for production. If they get this water from a running-water company, it will surely cost them a lot of money. Therefore, it will more often than not drill a well for itself in order to save money. When it has its own well, it can use our QJ high capacity submersible pump as an industrial well pump. Our QJ high capacity pump will supply the factory with underground water from the well. This practice is also common in paper-making factories, leather factories, home appliance factories and the like.

submersible industrial water pump for sale
Industrial water pump system for cement factory

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Other applications of industrial submersible water pump

Our industrial submersible pumps are widely used in many kinds of industrial water pump system. For example, thermal power plants can use our QJR hot water submersible pump to deliver high temp water. Besides, our industrial water pumps for sale also come in a wide range of flow rate and head. If you are looking for industrial water pumps 1000 gpm, we can choose a model from our 16″ or 400QJ series for you. Our QJG high head submersible pump can work as industrial water pressure booster pump. If you need a high head industrial submersible pump, we can choose a model from this series for you. What’s more, we have QJH sea water submersible pump for fish-farming industry. We also have QJT dewatering pumps for mining industry.

industrial submersible pumps for sale
Industrial submersible sewage drainage pumps for sale

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Industrial submersible water pump for sewage water

Many industrial production processes will generate waste water. Our WQ series industrial sump pump for sale are designed to drain such sump water or dirty sewage water. They are suitable for applications in industrial sump pump systems as well as large scale sewage discharge stations. This series include WQA, WQB, WQK, WQS, and WQX D and WQX, etc. Each of them has special function in discharging sewage water. For instance, WQX D series are high volume water pumps industrial, which have large flow rate. Please click WQ submersible sewage pump for more details. But don’t use our industrial submersible water pump to deliver high density fluids like paper pulp, or high corrosive fluids containing much acid or alkali. For these applications, you need a chemical pump or a slurry pump but sorry we don’t have that.

industrial submersible sewage pump
Industrial submersible sewage pump

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We can make our pumps with stainless steel impeller or bronze impeller to suit different water. Submersible pump cost will vary with different impellers. The price of submersible pump with ss impeller is often higher than that of one with bronze impeller. If you have interest in our industrial submersible water pump, or want to know how much it is, welcome to contact us.

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