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QJR and WQR hot water submersible pump

APK Submersible pumps supply two series of hot water submersible pump. That is, QJR series hot water submersible well pump and WQR series hot water submersible sewage pump. If you need to transfer clean hot water up to 100℃ in centigrade degree, or 212℉ in Fahrenheit degree, then you can use QJR vertical high temp submersible pump. You can use it to transport underground hot water for spring hotels or physiotherapy health care centers. You can also use it to deliver hot water for heating system in residential buildings or bath centers. But if you need to remove sewage water and wastewater up to the same temperature, WQR series would be your best choice.

QJR hot water submersible pump features

We have developed QJR high temperature submersible pump on the basis of QJ deep well submersible water pump. Therefore, the construction and working conditions of QJR are same as that of QJ, except for temperature. QJR is also a three-phase multistage submersible well pump. And it is a water-filled submersible pump too, with water-cooling submersible motor. But as QJR is to transfer hot water, we have made a few special designs to make it resist high temperature.

hot water submersible pump
QJR hot water submersible pump

QJR series specifications:

Min flow: 2199 gph (10 m³/h)
Max flow: 109984 gph (500 m³/h)
Min head: 49 ft (15 m)
Max head: 1328 ft (405 m)
Min size: 6.9″ (175 mm)
Max size: 15″ (400 mm)
Min power: 3 hp (2.2 kw)
Max power: 10 hp (7.5 kw)
Water temperature ≤212℉ (100℃)
Motor protection grade: IPX8

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The electromagnetic wires in the motor of QJR are high-temperature resistant and water proof. The main material for our QJR submersible well pump is HT200 cast iron. This kind of cast iron prevents both corrosion and rust. What’s more, in order to better prevent corrosion, we have also coated them with epoxy paint. We can make our hot water submersible pump with tin bronze, 304# stainless steel, 316# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel for harsh environments so as to meet the need of our clients.

hot water submersible pump
QJR hot water submersible pump for sale

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Model meanings of QJR hot water submersible pump for sale

Our QJR series high temp submersible pump comes in a wide range of sizes. The meanings of QJR high temp submersible pumps are same as those in QJ submersible well pumps too. But the additional letter R stands for “Reshui” in Chinese, which means hot water.

high temp submersible pumps
QJR high temp submersible pumps in our factory

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WQR hot water submersible sewage pump features

WQR is designed on the basis of WQ series submersible sewage pumps. They are made of heat-resistant motor. The motor has F grade insulation. It also has NSK brand heat-resistant shaft bearing and heat-resistant mechanical seal. Their O shaped ring and cable are also heat-resistant. It is installed underwater to pump high temperature sewage water. Its motor should not stay half above water during operation. It is also a water-filled submersible pump, with three-phase submersible motor.
It takes sewage water in from bottom and discharges it from one side. The water outlet comes with a round flange with four screw holes. So it easy for you to connect the sewage pump to a discharge pipe, bringing convenience to installation. Our designers have also added a ring on top of it so that you can hoist it up by hooking the ring during installation.

high temp submersible pump
High temp submersible sump pump

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Application of WQR hot water submersible sewage pump

WQR can deliver high temperature water for boilers, power plants as well as steel and iron works. It can also discharge water in laundry rooms of hotels. When it works, the density of water it pumps should not be larger than 1.0-1.3kg/m³. And please note that the pump should not work beyond its head range, but should work within this range. Otherwise, it may become overload.
The model meanings of WQR are similar to WQ series too. The letter R here has the same meaning as that in QJR.
If you are interested in our 100℃/212℉ hot water submersible pump, please leave a message below. Our experienced sales engineer would help to select a suitable model for your specification applications.

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