High capacity submersible pump

When you go to buy a submersible pump, the seller will more often than not ask how large capacity and head do you need. Capacity or flow rate is among the six primary factors of submersible pumps. The other five factors are head or lift, rotation speed of motor, power of motor, efficiency and NPSHr. We have a rich variety of electric high capacity submersible pump for sale.

high capacity submersible pump for sewage water
high capacity submersible sewage pump

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High capacity submersible sewage pump

The range of our high flow submersible pump covers 150QJ, 175QJ, 200QJ, 250QJ, 300QJ, 400QJ and WQ series sewage drainage pumps. We can make them with either cast iron or stainless steel to suit different quality of water. Our 150QJ series deep well submersible pump has about 6 inch diameter. The 6 inch submersible pump capacity ranges from 1100 gpm (5 m³/h) to 13858 gpm (63 m³/h). The diameter of 175QJ series is about 7 inches. The flow rate of our 7 inch pumps ranges from 2200 gpm (10 m³/h) to 17600 gph (80 m³/h). The diameter of 200QJ series is about 8″. The diameter of 250QJ is 10″ and the diameter of 300QJ is 12″. What’s more, we have given further details about more models from QJ series. Please hit QJ deep well submersible water pump for sure.

heavy duty submersible water pump for sale
Heavy duty submersible sewage water pump

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High capacity submersible well pump

400QJ series is our best rated submersible well pumps, since the flow rate of 400QJ varies from 88000 gph (400 m³/h) to 110000 gph (500 m³/h). 400QJ are 16″ well pumps. The submersible motor of 400QJ series is YQS300. The highest power of YQS300 is 295 hp (220 kw). We also have low flow submersible pump. For instance, our 7.5 hp submersible pump discharges 3300 gph (15 m³/h) and our 10 hp submersible pump discharges 5059 gph (23 m³/h).

deep well submersible water pump
10 inch deep well submersible water pump for sale

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We have marked the head range and flow range on the nameplate of our submersible pump water, so please let the submersible water pump run within its range. Otherwise, if you let it run beyond the maximum limit, its motor will become overload and burn out. If you let it run below the minimum limit, that’s fine. This will not cause any damage, but it will waste a part of motor power.

High capacity submersible pump advantages

We devote ourselves to increase the capacity of submersible pump, because high capacity submersible pumps work more efficiently. For example, if you use one unit of high capacity submersible pump to replace two units of low capacity submersible pump, with everything else being equal, you can save much electricity cost. Besides, the price and maintenance cost for one high capacity submersible pump would be much less than that for two low capacity ones.

high capacity submersible pumps
High capacity submersible pumps for sale

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High capacity submersible pump applications

High flow submersible well pump can be used in industrial projects, engineering construction sites. With large flow quantity, it can be used to transfer underground clean water in large amount for communities. Please note that our QJ series and QJH series high capacity submersible pump is for clean water instead of dirty water. We have submersible sewage pumps for large amount of waste water. Some of our high flow submersible water pump is suitable for 220v single phase power source and others are suitable for 380v industrial power source. We can design according to the need of clients.

high flow submersible pump
High flow submersible pump for sale

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If the water is corrosive, such as sea water or salt water, with PH value beyond 4~10, then you can choose a stainless steel model from QJH series seawater submersible pump. But if it is not corrosive, such as well water or river water with PH value between 4 and 10, then you can choose a cast iron model from QJ series deep well submersible pump.

High flow submersible waste water pump for sale
High flow submersible waste water pump

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If you find our high-capacity submersible pumps interesting, please feel free to contact us. APK Pump has long been a well-known manufacturer of submersible pump in domestic markets. We would like to benefit people all around the world with our high quality submersible pump. We also welcome business partners for submersible pump wholesale business. As a manufacturer, we have greater advantage in producing products in batches rather than single products.

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