Cast iron submersible pump

There are many types of cast iron. The cast iron we use when we manufacture our submersible pumps is mainly grey cast iron or ductile cast iron. Our cast iron submersible pump includes 250QJ submersible well water pump, QS vertical openwell submersible pump, QY oil-filled submersible pump and WQ series submersible sewage pump. The former is for clean water while the latter is for sewage water.

cast iron submersible pump
200QJ30-52 cast iron submersible pump

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Clean water cast iron submersible pump

In China, we have the habit of measuring diameter by millimeter instead of inch. When we say 250QJ cast iron submersible pump, it means same at 10 inch cast iron submersible pump. The number 250 here is 250mm, close to 10 inch. 250QJ series are submersible well pumps. They are water-filled submersible pumps with more than one stage of impeller. QS Series has water-filled submersible motor too, but it has one stage only. QY’s motor is oil-filled. It also has one stage of impeller. For more specifications about them, please click QS vertical openwell submersible pump and QY oil-filled submersible pump.

cast iron submersible pump price
Two stages 6 inch cast iron submersible pumps

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250QJ belongs to QJ series. Many models of QJ series are made of cast iron, from 250QJ or 10 inch to 400QJ or 16 inch. So if you want to buy an electric submersible pump to transfer clean water, please go to QJ deep well deep well submersible water pumps. This series comes in thousands and hundreds of models with a wide range of flow rate and pump head for your choice.

Cast iron submersible sump pump for waste water

Our cast iron submersible sump pump for sale has been widely used in sewage treatment stations and municipal wastewater pumping system. We also have small submersible sump pump for domestic use in apartments. But even our small submersible sewage pump is much heavier than similar products. Even the smallest one could weigh about 45kg.

cast iron submersible sump pump for sale
Large flow rate cast iron submersible sump pump

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If your apartment is a small one or you are looking for a tiny 12V cast iron submersible sump pump for your household, our WQ series may not serve as a good choice. But if you own an apartment of more than 5 floors, you can install our WQ submersible sewage pumps in the basement of you apartment. It will help to transfer the sewage water there.

Cast iron submersible pump VS stainless steel submersible well pump

1. Weight and price

The density of grey cast iron is 6.6-7.4 g/cm³. The density of stainless steel is above 7 g/cm³. There is no much difference in weight between them. We can change the materials of our cast iron submersible pump for clean water and cast iron submersible sump pump into stainless steel at the request of our clients. We have both stainless steel submersible sewage pump and stainless steel submersible deep well pump. Stainless steel submersible pump price may often be higher, since this kind of material resists corrosion and has longer service life.

stainless steel submersible sump pump for sale
stainless steel submersible sump pump

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2. Painting

Compared with stainless steel material, cast iron is easier to rust. Once a cast-iron submersible pump gets rusty, it will begin to decay. Hence, we always paint our cast iron submersible pump to prevent rusting. The base coat of our painting is negative pole electrophoresis paint. This paint has an iron oxide red color. This base coat not only has good rust-proof effect, but also resists corrosion well.

deep well cast iron submersible pump manufacturer
deep well cast iron submersible pump

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APK Pump is a trustworthy manufacturer of submersible pump. We not only supplied quite a lot of submersible pumps for commercial projects, but also won many biddings in Chinese or overseas markets. If you have interest in our cast iron submersible pump or cast iron submersible sump pump, welcome to contact us.
Our experienced sales engineers will communicate with you about all details of our products. They will not only help to select a suitable model for you and make a quotation, but also keep in touch with you during the whole process of production, test, package, delivery and custom clearance.

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