submersible well water pump

APK submersible well water pump history

Water well is the oldest and the most common way for people to get underground water. According to the distribution of underground water resource, we have drilled different kinds of wells. For example, we drill boreholes to get deep underground water and open wells to get shallow underground water. In order to meet the need of markets, APK Pump has developed submersible well water pump for borehole and open well. We call the former bore well submersible pumps, and the latter vertical open well submersible pumps. They come in different sizes and we can make them with either 304# stainless steel or grey cast iron.

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Origin of our submersible well water pump

As one of the largest water well submersible pumps manufacturers in the middle of China, APK Submersible pumps have taken customer first as one of its business principles. As far as we know from our market research, water well irrigation plays an important role in agricultural production. This is especially true in some countries in Northern Europe, Latin America, South America, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, etc. In our country, it is also a common practice in rural areas. Our knowledge about this practice helped us in developing the best water well pumps submersible.

submersibl well water pumps
Submersible well water pumps in APK workshop

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The factory of APK Pump is at a village in the outer suburbs of Xingyang City. The name of the village is Gao. Twenty years before, this village had vast farmlands around it. Underground water is ideal for farmland irrigation, so well water becomes the first choice of farmers here. The need of farmers makes us feel obliged to produce a high quality submersible water well pump.

submersible well water pump
Submersible well water pump in the show room of our factory

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Development of our submersible well water pump

A submersible well water pump stands vertically. It is a submersible centrifugal pump with centrifugal impellers. What’s more, our submersible well pump is designed to pump clean non-aggressive well water for agricultural irrigation, not sewage water. We can make submersible well water pumps with either cast iron or acid-resisting stainless steel. The first type of submersible well water pump we produce is QS series vertical open well submersible pumps. This is also one of our most mature products. Compared with QJ deep well submersible water pump developed later, QS is small, shorter and weighs less.

submersible water well pump for sale
Deep well submersible water pump

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QS Series water well submersible pumps soon become a hot product in our local area. They helped to fight against drought and promote grain output. The success of our first water well pumps submersible greatly encouraged us. Therefore, we continued our R&D and launched new submersible water pumps for wells like QJ series deep well submersible water pump, QY oil-filled and QJD stainless steel submersible well pump. QS Series and QJ series are water-filled cast iron submersible well pumps. QJD series are oil-filled stainless steel submersible well water pumps.


Our major branch of submersible well water pump for sale

QJ series are our major products. This is a series of underground well pump. They are multistage centrifugal pumps, installed vertically, designed for clean water. This kind of submersible well water pumps manufactured by our company include QJ deep well submersible water pump, QJT dewatering pumps mining as well as QJR hot water submersible pump. QJ is mainly for agricultural irrigation systems. Besides, we have developed QJT on the basis of QJ. We have added a cooling sheath to QJ to make QJT. The cooling sheath will help to protect and cool the motor of QJT, making it work well in mines. QJR is also developed on the basis of QJ. It is a water well submersible pump for high-temp underground water.

submersible well water pump
QJ water well submersible pumps for sale

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Submersible well water pump expansion

During the past 20 years of development, based on QS series open well submersible pump, we have greatly enlarged categories of our submersible pumps. Today, from APK Pump, except for water well submersible pumps, you will also find QSP submersible pump for fountain and QJG high head submersible pump. What’s more, with the introduction of submersible sewage pumps, the applications of our submersible pumps have been expanded to sewage water, wastewater, effluent water and septic water.

vertical submersible well water pump
Water well submersible pump manufacturing

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