deep well submersible well pump

3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pump

3-phase electric submersible deep well pump is manufactured by Zhengzhou Shenlong pump manufacturer. Zhengzhou Shenlong pump industry is a large-scale modern water supply and drainage equipment manufacturer integrated with scientific research, production and operation. The brand name is the APK submersible pump.




Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-1500m³/h;

Head Range: 15-600m;

Well Diameter: φ150-250mm;

Temperature: -15-100℃;

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  • Well with water
  • Irrigation system
  • Irrigation system water supply system
  • Industrial mining water
  • Clean water circulation and pressurization


  • Long service life and high quality guaranteed
  • Large flow, high lift
  • One pump, simple structure
  • Small footprint
  • Do not pollute water
deep borehole submersible pumps

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3 Phase Electric  Submersible Deep Well Pump Prices

3-phase submersible deep well pump requires a large flow and high lift capacity. The number of impellers, head range, motor power and casting range all affect the price of 3-phase motor submersible pumps. The 3-phase electric submersible pumps can be divided into 7-inch electric submersible pumps, 8-inch electric submersible pumps, 10-inch electric submersible pumps, 12-inch electric submersible pumps, 14-inch electric submersible pumps, and 16-inch electric submersible pumps according to different well diameters. If you have special needs for a submersible pump, please contact us by email and we can accept customization.

submersible borehole water pumps
submersible borehole water pumps

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3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pump For Sale

According to the different applications of the pump, our factory provides a variety of three-phase submersible pumps for sale. We have three-phase farmland agricultural irrigation pumps, submersible sewage pumps, high-lift deep well submersible pumps, multi-stage centrifugal submersible pumps, fountain pumps, and axial flow Pump. The APK is a national-certified 3-phase submersible pump manufacturer. All products we sell exceed national standards and enjoy a high reputation in China.

submersible cast iron pump for deep well
submersible borehole pumps for sale

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3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pump Motor

3 phase submersible deep well pump motor is connected directly with impeller part with a single shaft. For better protecting motor, air cooler type is discarded and APK chooses to use water cooler and oil filled type. Water cooler motor is able to stop pump from polluting water source, while oil filled motor fits winter or cold areas more. Both of motors can be chosen and are of high quality. For avoiding leakage, APK designed best sealing system and installed overheat alarm device inside pump. Once temperature of 3 phase pump motor reaches over restricted level, the device will stop motor from operating automatically.

3 phase water pumps
3 phase submersible water pumps protection sleeve

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3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pump Control cabinet

Pump control cabinet is configured according to the power, voltage and frequency of different submersible pumps. Submersible pump control cabinet has overload, short circuit, phase loss protection and submersible pump body leakage, motor over temperature and leakage and other protection functions and complete status display, and has single pump and multi pump control working mode, a variety of active and standby Pump switching mode and various starting methods. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production and water supply, drainage, fire protection, sprinkler pipe network pressurization and HVAC hot and cold water circulation and other automatic control of water pump.

deep well pumps control cabinet
submersible water pumps control cabinet

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Advantages of 3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pumps

  • Wide range of application. 3 phase submersible pump connects with high voltage and is suitable for large scale constructive use as well as municipal water transfer.
  • Safety working condition. Automatically prevents pumps from overloading, overheat and overflow. All sorts of protection devices equipped.
  • Well sealing system. Inside pump uses titanium sealing system and enables pump working continuously for over 8000 hours.
  • Energy saving. APK uses advanced hydraulic model with reasonable design, and equips pump with low power motor. Pump working noises reduced and pump performance improved to a large extent.
deep well water pump
deep water well submersible pump

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3 Phase Electric Submersible Deep Well Pump Manufacturer

The APK is one of the most powerful manufacturers in China in the submersible pump industry. Based on the belief of quality, each submersible pump before the APK delivery factory undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the quality assurance of each pump in the hands of the customer.

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Our services

1. Product quality commitment

Quality records and testing data on product manufacture and testing are available. We will pack and deliver the goods after it is confirmed qualified.

02. Product price commitment

Under equal competitive conditions, we sincerely offer you the most favorable price, not at the cost of reducing technical performance of the product or replacing product components.

03. Delivery time commitment:

we will follow customer requirement as far as possible; if you have special requirement and want us to finish producing it ahead of time, we can arrange extra time for production and installation in particular. We will try our best to satisfy customer needs.

04. After sales commitment:

if the equipment breaks down, whether under warranty period or not, our maintenance man will come to maintain it within 24 hours since we receive your notice.


three phase water pumps manufacturer
3 phase Electric submersible pumps testing

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