APK Pump is a Chinese submersible pump manufacturer. We manufacture everything from raw materials to finished products. Our factory was established in 1996 to produce 7″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ submersible pump equipment and WQ series submersible sewage pumps, mainly used for irrigation, fountains and drinking. Water, civil engineering and underground drainage of mines, etc.

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If by design, we can divide our submersible pumps into three types according to the shape and structure of the impeller. That is, QSZ axial flow submersible pump, centrifugal submersible pump and QSH mixed flow submersible pump. The impeller of axial flow pump makes water move in axial direction by axial force. While the impeller of centrifugal pump makes water move by centrifugal force. But mixed flow pump is a combination of the two. Our vertical electric submersible pump set and submersible centrifugal pump also use centrifugal impellers. They are the most widely used types for various lines of industry. If you need high head or high capacity in particular, we have QJG high head submersible pump and high capacity submersible pump for you.

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Submersible well pumps

Our submersible well pumps are suitable for various kinds of wells, such as borewell, openwell and deep well, etc. They deliver clean water rather than sewage water. Our submersible well pumps include QJ electric deep well submersible water pump, QS vertical openwell submersible pumps as well as borewell submersible pump. The traditional material for our submersible water pumps is cast iron, but we can make them with other materials to meet the need of clients. For example, we can make QJD stainless steel submersible well pump and cast iron submersible pump. Besides, we can also combine the two to make a more economic stainless steel case underground well pump.

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Submersible sewage pumps

The submersible sewage pumps are for waste water, effluent and sewage water. We have developed WQA submersible sewer pumps, WQB non-clog sewage pump, WQX D sewage drainage pump, WQK sewage cutter pump, WQS submersible wastewater pump and WQX bottom suction submersible sewage pumps, etc. Each of their has its unique features in delivering sewage water, but they are all submersive pumps, with long service life, excellent performance and competitive price.

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Submersible motor pumps

All of our submersible water pumps have submerged motor. So from this point of view, we can also divide them into water-filled submersible pump, oil-filled submersible pump, submerged motor pump and electric vertical submersible pump, etc. The submerged motor we use on our pumps all have acquired certificates. They can run as long as 8000 hours non stop.

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By application

Based on different uses of submersible pumps, we can also divide them into irrigation pump, fountain pump and mine pump, etc. Except for sewage water, we also supply submersible pumps for sea water or hot water at 212℉ (100℃). Our submersible irrigation well pump can get water from wells or boreholes for agricultural irrigation; our QSP submersible pump for fountain can help to create attractive water features and our QJT dewatering pumps can help to drain water in mines. We also developed submersible dewatering pumps with bottom suction structure to drain rain water or flood. Our industrial submersible water pump can be used to transfer industrial wastewater and effluent in various lines of industry.

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About the price of submersible pumps for sale

It goes without saying that clients who want to buy submersible pump would firstly pay attention to the price. Actually, submersible pump price depends on many factors. Except for the objective factors like production cost, some subjective factors would also influence, such as submersible pump uses and submersible pump suppliers.

1. Submersible uses

When we select a model, we will first consider about the uses of submersible pumps. That is, we should consider about pump head, flow rate, motor power, pump efficiency, net positive suction head or NPSH in short, and so on. All these parameters should meet your need. But if you didn’t select a right model, it will waste your money. A pump that takes in 500 gallons of water per min is surely more expensive than a pump that takes in 100 gallons per min. Submersible pump price generally varies in direct proportion to its capacity, except for such pumps as chemical pumps or metering pumps.

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Therefore, to select a suitable model with appropriate flow rate and head will save a lot of cost for you. But sometimes you may have no idea about the submersible pump rate and head you need. For instance, you just want a well pump to take water from a river to irrigate you corn land. Then, don’t worry. Tell us the area of your corn land, the distance from the river to your corn land as well as the depth of the river. Our sales engineer will help to calculate the flow rate and head so that they can select the best submersible pump for you accordingly.

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2. Submersible pump companies

There are many submersible pump companies who supply submersible pumps, but different submersible pump supplier may offer different price for the same submersible pump for sale. That’s because a submersible pump company is not always a submersible pump manufacturer. Except for the basic cost of the product, there is also service cost, transport cost, insurance cost, etc. If your supplier is a trading company instead of a direct manufacturer, he may add some profit for himself, which will increase the cost of submersible pump. But every coin has two sides and this is not always bad. The extra cost may also bring better service, such as quicker delivery and better attitude. Some clients will need the products urgently, so higher submersible pump cost would be acceptable for them, since it helps to save time.

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Submersible motor pumps wholesale

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So if you need a submersible pump price list, welcome to contact us. We will offer you our best discount. Since different models have different head and flow rate, if you want to buy submersible pump, please contact our sales engineer for advice. They will select the most suitable model for your and offer the best price at the same time. Whether you are an end user, a middle man or a retailer, we all welcome.

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